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Mintu Group

Mintu Group currently works with more than 400 farmers and by next year this number will increase to 1000. Located in Djimma, Ethiopia, Mintu provides grade 1 speciality coffee, both natural and washed. They also work towards sustainable productivity and they achieve this by offering their farmers basic training in agronomy and organic farming together with experts and professionals. Mintu group strives to support and sustain its community and does so by building schools for the community as well as Mosques within the area.

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Key facts

Products: Washed Gera grade 1
Variety: Arabica Coffee
Grade(s): Grade 1
Supply Capacity: 174,960 Kg
Harvest period: November – January

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Currently we are working with more than 400+ farmers and next year this number will increase to 1000. We offer farmers 10% of our market, and after exporting the coffee we give them 10% from our profits. We offer basic agronomic and organic farming trainings by experts and professionals. And finally, we help support our community by building schools, Mosques and other necessary infrastructure.

About us

Foundation date: 1960
Number of employees: 400
Annual Production: 218,700Kgs
Certification: Organic

What we DO

Products: Washed Gera Coffee (Dijmma)
Facilities: Washing station, a warehouse and a final processing mill
Capacity: 174,960 Kg

Mintu Group

Gera Coffee from Dijmma, Ethiopia

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P.O. BOX 180916, Sarbet Bisrate Gebreal, Old Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Contact person

Mr. Mentesinot Lemma

+251 911505649 / +251 944199062


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