Dello Coffee Export

Dello Coffee Export was founded as export company in 2019 with the objective to process and export best quality Arabica coffee with intense taste profile and at a reasonable price. With its objective of establishment, it could be able to move in the right truck and achieving the company objective with in short period of time through the coordinated effort of all employees and the management team of the company. Dello works with more than 1200 farmers from the regions of Oromia and SNNP – Guji (Uraga, Horachew), Yirgacheffe (Foge), Bale (Dello Menna). Dello offers grades from 1 to 5. Annual capacity to export more than 30 containers.

Kopakaki Dutegure

Kopakaki-Dutegure is located in Rubengera sector, Karongi District, in the western province of Rwanda. It grows 80% of its coffee in the Kivu Belt of Karongi District, intercropped with shade trees. The remaining 20% of its coffee trees are cultivated high in the hills, where most of the soil is volcanic to create a unique cup profile. Started in 2005, had its own Wet mill in 2007. The production capacity is of 1,000 MT. Kopakaki aims to make coffee farming a gender-equal business by encouraging the participation of women throughout the chain. Fairtrade and RFA certificate. 993 members among them 437 women and 556 are men.

Coopérative des Caféiculteurs de Gishoma (COCAGI)

COCAGI, Coopérative des Caféiculteurs de Gishoma was established in 2004 by 269 coffee farmers with the aim of promoting social well-being by improving coffee quantity and quality in specialty coffee standards. Committed to work together, the majority of coffee farmers in the cooperative zone were mobilized to join the cooperative as it was achieving its objectives up to 1114 farmers currently. The capacity of the washing station is extended to 1300 tons of cherries per coffee season.

Guji Highland Coffee Plantation

Guji HIghland Coffee Plantation Plc was established in 2012 and works with more than 700 farmers in the Oromia region. They produce arabica coffees of botanical varieties 74110 and 74112. Coffees are Organic, FRA, Bird Friendly, Café Practice and Fairtrade certified. They offer naturally, washed, honey, and anaerobic processed coffees packaged in 30/60 kg jute bags. They offer Grade 1 to 3 qualities. Total annual production of 10,000 MT.

Alumashu General Trading Plc

TELTELCHA AGRO INDUSTRY PLC is involved in sourcing and producing specialty (high-quality) coffee while its marketing partner ALUMASHU GENERAL TRADING PLC is an export oriented company focused on both, locally procuring and processing Ethiopian produced (parchment) coffee sourced discerningly and exported to multiple clients around the world.
Established as a Private Limited Company (LTD.) in 2016 and having started operation the same year in order to create a traceable coffee export market-link chain with a legal frame-work, both Teltelcha and Alumashu have entered into a legally binding MOU agreement creating synergy and allowing for a vertically integrated Production-Export operation.
As part of our sustainable best practice method in order to ensure quality we pay premium to the small holder farmers we partner with, a premium based on overall cup quality. Coffees scoring 88+ earn a premium for their producers which we funnel to them.

Heleph Coffee Export

Heleph produces and exports top quality Arabica Grade 1-4 coffees from different woredas/kebeles/CWS of five main Ethiopian regions: Sidama (Bona Zuria, Aleta Wendo, Dale, Bensa, Harbegonna), Yirgacheffe (Danche Chelbesa, Banko Dadatu, Kochere, Chelelektu, Halo Beriti, Banko Gotiti), Kaffa (Bonga, Anderacha, Dencha, Gimbu), Limmu (Gera, Kosa, Kersa) and Guji (Adola, Hambale, Dame Dabaye, Hambala Buku, Raro Boda, Suke Quto, Layo Teraga, Ana Sora, Yabito Koba, Masina, Shakisso).

Karangura Peak Modern Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd

Kapcco (Karangura Peak Modern Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd), produces Arabica coffee from Mt Rwenzori region, at an altitude of 1900-2000 masl. They can produce 4 containers of AA/AB grades with Fairtrade certification, which are selectively hand-picked, carefully processed under a traceable strategy which makes them unique. This cooperative works with 705 farmers.

Green Mountain Arabica Coffee Ltd

Green Mountain Arabica Coffee Ltd is a company farmer processor and exporter of green coffee established in 2012. It owns a coffee washing station in the Eastern province, Rwamagana District, Karange Sector. It processes coffees of their own plantation (above 2,000 coffee plants) and purchases coffee from 1200 farmers partners. GMAC has a mission to promote the production and processing of specialty coffee in the Karenge Sector/Rwamagana District in the Eastern part of Rwanda.


COOCAMU is a cooperative that works with more than 1303 farmers in the province of Rutsiro in the Western Region in Rwanda. At an altitude ranging between 1400-1900 masl, produces Arabica of the Bourbon, Jackson 2 and BM 139 varieties fully or semi washed, Fairtrade and RFA certified and with an annual capacity of 269 MT. Offers different qualities, from A1, A2 and commercial quality. Notes with floral, stone fruits and raspberry with long lasting finish.

Cooperative Tuzamurane

Tuzamurane Cooperative started back in 2006 with 87 members and become registered cooperative in 2009 under RCA. It operates 3 sectors: Nyakabuye, Gitambi and Nkungu, all related in Rusizi District in the Western Province.
Tuzamurane´s coffee taste flavors are honey, sweet finish, brown sugar and dense chocolate.

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