These are the general terms and conditions of Almacena BV (“Almacena BV” , “Almacena” or “Platform”), a company registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 72224193.

1. Applicability

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all services of Almacena BV, to every agreement concluded between Almacena BV and a User (as defined below) of our website including the use of the Almacena marketplace, Almacena Trade Dashboard and AlmacenaOrigin  application (the “Website”) and all legal relationships and (legal) actions arising from this.

1.2. By using the Website and the services of Almacena BV you accept to be bound by these general conditions.

1.3. “Users” means all natural persons and legal entities who visit the Website, log in to the Website, and / or use the information provided on the Website, share and / or place information, offer, buy or sell products and services on the Website.

1.4. Almacena BV will send the general terms and conditions on request free of charge. The general terms and conditions are also available at

1.5. The above definitions are used in both these singular and plural terms in these general terms and conditions.

2. Use Website

2.1. When using the Website, the User must observe Dutch and other applicable laws or regulations.

2.2. The User may not distribute the following via the Website:

2.2.1. Plagiarism and / or previously published content;

2.2.2. Pornographic videos, images or other media with an erotic content;

2.2.3. Texts or images that are offensive, racist, discriminatory or hateful;

2.2.4. Unsolicited advertising (spam);

2.2.5. Wrong or misleading information; and / or

2.2.6. Viruses, malware, spyware or other software that is intended to damage our computers or other Users.

2.3. User may not create an account under someone else’s name or act as someone else in another way.

2.4. User may not approach other Users for commercial purposes other than those for which the Website is intended.

2.5. If the User wishes to make a notification of another User who misuses the Website, the User may send a message to

2.6. Almacena BV reserves the right to change or omit the information provided to the User before it is made known to Users and / or published on the Website.

3. User identification and confirmation of transactions

3.1. Almacena identifies the User, and assigns him a unique User ID number, according to the rules of the internal control system of Almacena in one of the following ways:

3.1.1. in person, before using the Website, the User fills in the User data form and produces or submits identification documents requested by Almacena;

3.1.2. remotely, as the User transfer funds to the Almacena Account from the User’s Account after the User registers on the Website. In such case Almacena identifies the User, by using the information received from the bank, payment institution or electronic money institution. The User must indicate the User’s Website-ID Number indicated in the User’s Profile as the purpose of payment.

3.2. In order to identify the User adequately, Almacena may, at its sole discretion, at any time, upon getting in touch with the User, request additional documents or information confirming the User’s identity and unilaterally determine any additional requirements for the User identification, as well as introduce changes in the User identification process.

3.3. When registering and logging into (entering) the User’s Profile on the Website, the User must enter the User’s e-mail address and password.

3.4. The User’s activities performed on the Website after entering the User’s e-mail address and password shall be regarded as the User’s signature or acceptance. All payments, payment orders, instructions, applications, agreements, as well as other documents confirmed or submitted by the User on the Website after entering the User’s e-mail address and password as prescribed on the Website shall be binding upon the User and Almacena

3.5. The User’s password is deemed confidential information that the User and Almacena undertake not to divulge and shall undertake to prevent that third parties can find it out. The User must keep the User’s password in a secure manner, as well as regularly, however not less frequently than after a period prescribed by Almacena, change/update the password.

3.6. If the User’s password has become known or may have become known to a third party, the User must immediately inform Almacena about it in writing or over the telephone, at which time Almacena shall block access to the User’s Profile as soon as possible, until, on the grounds of the User’s application, the User is given a new User’s password and the User has given an instruction to Almacena to unblock the User’s Profile.

3.7. Access to the User’s Profile is blocked, if the User’s password is entered incorrectly 5 (five) times in a row.

3.8. Almacena is entitled to, however is not obliged to, block access to the User’s Profile in cases, when Almacena suspects that the User’s Profile has been accessed without due authorization, including, if Almacena suspects that the User’s password has become known or may have become known to a third party or Almacena has suspicions of the execution of illegal transactions, as well as in other cases at the discretion of Almacena, in order to ensure safety of services, inviolability, confidentiality of the User and/or other Almacena’ clients or to prevent losses that might be inflicted upon Almacena or the clients.

3.9 Almacena shall be entitled not to approve a transaction, if:

3.9.1 the User fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions;

3.9.2 Almacena has suspicions about the identity of the User, and Almacena has not been able to contact the User to confirm the content of the transaction;

3.9.3 the User’s instruction is unclear or distorted due to interruption in communication;

3.9.4 in other cases stipulated in Clause 3.8. above.

4. Account

4.1. User must be at least 18 years old to be able to create an account.

4.2. User must protect the login details of his account for others.

4.3. User must keep his password strictly secret. Almacena BV may assume that everything that happens on or with the User’s account, is done by the User or happens under the control of the User.

4.4. If the User thinks or knows that his account is being abused, the User must report this as soon as possible to Almacena BV. Almacena BV will take appropriate measures in that case.

4.5. The User is responsible for his behaviour and any data, text, files, information, user names, images, photos, profiles, graphic arts, copyrighted works, links and other content or materials.

4.6. User is solely responsible for the confidential data that he provides to Almacena BV or for the omission of confidential data.

4.7. Almacena BV is entitled to determine at its own discretion whether an account will be provided.

4.8. Almacena BV has the right at all times to adjust or delete accounts, profiles, data and other information. In addition, Almacena BV has the right to deny Users access to the Website for a definite or indefinite period.

4.9. If Almacena BV is of the opinion that the User violates the law or these general terms and conditions, Almacena BV can (partially) exclude the User from the Website. For example, Almacena BV may exclude the User from the Website by: a. delete the User’s account; or b. blocking parts of the Website for User.

4.10 Almacena does not endorse any User or any Request. Users are required to provide accurate information, and although Almacena may undertake additional checks and processes designed to help verify or check the identities or backgrounds of users, Almacena does not make any representations about, confirms, or endorses any User or the User’s purported identity or background. Any references in the Platform, to a User being “trusted” or “vetted” (or similar language) only indicate that the User has completed a relevant verification process, and does not represent anything else. Any such description is not an endorsement, certification or guarantee by Almacena about any User, including of the User’s identity and whether the User is trustworthy, safe or suitable.

5. Request for Quotation on the Website

5.1. Following User identification and registration on the Website, pursuant to the present Terms and Conditions, the User can create one or more requests to sell or buy commodities and use Platform Services (“Request for Quotation” or  “RFQ” or “Request”) on the Website provided that the following representations and warrantied apply:

5.1.1. the User is duly incorporated under the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation

5.1.2. the User is the sole legal and beneficial owner of the commodity subject to RFQ to sell (“Commodity”) and it has an unencumbered right to sell that Commodity.

5.1.3. the User represents and warrants there is no encumbrance over the Commodity and the User will not sell it to other buyers outside Almacena during the time the Request is active.

5.1.4. the User will not create any encumbrance or allow any encumbrance to be created over the Commodity subject to the RFQ

5.1.5. the Commodity offered under the RFQ complies with the specifications given in the RFQ including but not limited to origin, quality, quantity, certifications and location.

5.1.6. Almacena has the unilateral right to approve or deny a Request at its own discretion and without further justification

5.1.7. If the Request is accepted by Almacena, the User shall receive a Summary of the Request. The User shall examine the completeness and accuracy of information included in the summary, and, if the User wishes to, may confirm the Buy and/or Sell Prices included in the Summary in compliance with procedures established on the Website.

5.1.8 Upon the confirmation stipulated in Clause 5.1.7. above, the User’s Request shall become binding upon the User and Almacena shall make the Request visible on the Website or create an active trade in the User’s Trade Dashboard.

5.2. Contracts

5.2.1.   The term “Contract “refers to the [digital] confirmation of a physical commodity buy or sell transaction entered into between Almacena and a User, or directly between Users (“Party” or “Parties”).

5.2.2. The terms “Buyer” and “Seller” shall apply to Almacena and the Users in the capacity in which they have entered the Contract. Almacena can also act as the Sales Agent for the Seller to make deliveries of Commodity and provide related services on its name but for the account of the Seller.The role of the Sales Agent should be accepted by both the Buyer and the Seller in the respective Contract or via an amendment to an existing Contract. 

5.2.3. On each day on which a contract is entered into, each party shall be deemed to represent and warrant to the other party as follows:

  1. a) it has the capacity and is duly authorised and has obtained all consents, permits and licenses required by all applicable laws and regulations to enter into such Contract and to deal with the Commodity
  2. b) unless otherwise expressly agreed, the User is contracting with respect to the Contract as principal and not as agent on behalf of any named or unnamed third party, and accordingly it is and will remain both liable for and beneficially entitled to the Contract and 
  3. c) it intends to deliver, has delivered or intends to take delivery of the Commodity in accordance with the provisions of the Contract

5.2.4. When Almacena is engaged by the Seller as the Sales Agent, the Platform will provide pre-agreed Platform Services to facilitate the execution of a Contract between the Seller and a Buyer. Almacena may acquire title of the Commodity subject to the Contract between the Seller and the Buyer in order to provide the Platform Services and collect the payment and Platform Fee from the Buyer subject to prior agreement of the Seller and Buyer. The Seller will hold the Platform harmless and indemnify it against any loss, damage and liability, including claims made by the Buyer under the Contract.

5.3. Price and Payment

5.3.1. The price due for the Commodity shall be the price defined in the Request published on the Website, unless agreed otherwise by the parties via the Almacena Dashboard.

5.3.2. The price in 5.3.1. is deemed to include a fee (“Platform Fee”) charged by Almacena to the seller for the use of the Platform and the Platform Services as described in 5.3.4., and for representing the seller as a commercial agent (“Agent” or “Sales Agent”). The Platform fee and its separate components and calculation will be communicated to the sellers prior to publishing the relevant Request on the Website or executing the related commercial contracts..

5.3.3. The User who acts as a seller in the transaction shall be liable for the payment of the Platform Fee to Almacena. The Platform Fee shall be included in the Contract price and paid directly by the Buyer to Almacena who will pay to the Seller the amount paid for the Commodity minus the Platform Fee.

5.3.4. Platform Services are the services offered by the Platform to a User in relation to the execution of Requests and the corresponding commercial transactions of buying and selling Commodity. Platform services include but are not limited to finance, storage, insurance, logistics, monitoring, quality control and more.

6.User’s rights and obligations

6.1. The User shall undertake:

6.1.1. not to use the Website for illicit conduct, including fraud and money laundering;

6.1.2. upon registration on the Website and when using the Website, to provide only true information;

6.1.3. to use only secure means and devices of electronic communications and data transfer;

6.1.4. to promptly, however no later than within 3 (three) Business Days, to inform Almacena in writing, if the User’s name, surname, e-mail address, account number or other information provided on the Website changes;

6.1.5. in communication with Almacena, exercise decency and observe universal moral standards.

6.2. The User is aware of and understands that third parties, who have obtained the User’s password, can access the User’s Profile and assume obligations on behalf
of the User. If the User’s Profile is used to carry out activities on the Website (incl., investments) using a correct User’s e-mail address and password, it shall be considered that the activities with the respective User’s Profile have been performed by the User himself/herself/itself

7.Almacena rights and obligations

7.1. Almacena shall, on the instructions of a User and in line with orders given by the User on the Website, conclude Commercial Agreements in the interests of the User, but in its own name.

7.2. Almacena shall manage the sales of commodity inventories separate from own property. The User shall give the legal power to Almacena to manage the commodity inventories, which Almacena shall keep in its own name, but in the interests of the User. The User shall undertake not to unilaterally revoke the authorization included in the present Terms and Conditions

8. Liability

8.1. The User shall be held liable for all losses incurred as a result of unauthorized conduct, if the User has acted illicitly or has intentionally (on purpose) or due to gross
negligence failed to fulfill the requirements prescribed in the Terms and Conditions.

8.2. The User has asserted to Almacena that, within the scope of its activities, it observes all legal requirements applicable to his activity. The User is aware of and confirms that Almacena is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of information provided by the User and/or the warehouse that stores the commodity.

8.3. Almacena shall be fully released from liability towards the User for any losses that the User has or might suffer as result of using the Website.

8.4. Almacena shall not be responsible for possible commitments arising from laws that might originate to the Users as a result of transactions concluded on the Website.

8.5. Almacena shall not be held responsible for failure to fulfill its respective obligations if the non-fulfillment has occurred due to reasons that have resulted from force
majeure circumstances. Force majeure circumstances are circumstances which could not have been predicted or affected, including power outages, regulatory enactments adopted by institutions of the Netherlands or the European Union, strikes, military activity, natural calamities, or other circumstances. Almacena may make a reference to force majeure circumstances only and solely in case if it has taken all steps that depend on it in order to fulfill the obligations prescribed in the Terms and Conditions. Once the force majeure circumstances have been prevented, Almacena must immediately resume the performance of its duties.

8.6. Almacena shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred due to interrupted service of mail, facsimile, electronic or other means of communication, as well as technologies ensuring the respective Almacena services, including, but not limited to ,interrupted service of means of communication, interruptions in the functioning of the Website and electronic data exchange.

8.7. Almacena is not liable for damage that is or may be the result of any act or omission as a result of the information on the Website or that of: a. Linked websites, even if there are imperfections; and / or b. Inaccuracies in the information provided by us.

8.8. Almacena is not responsible for errors and / or irregularities in the functionality of the Website and is not liable for malfunctions or for other reasons not being available for the Website.

8.9. Almacena shall take all care for the security of data of Users and third parties that can reasonably be expected from Almacena BV. Almacena BV is not liable for loss of data or unauthorized access to data that arises despite the care provided by Almacena BV. Almacena BV is also not liable for loss of data or unauthorized access that arises when transmitting data on public networks or when using networks and systems of third parties.


9.1. Complaints submitted to Almacena BV will be answered within a period of 14 days, counting from the date of receipt.

9.2. The right to (partial) restitution of the price or compensation will lapse if the complaint is not reported within the set term, unless a wider period ensues from the nature of the case.

10. Engaging third parties

10.1. Almacena BV is entitled to engage third parties in the performance of the services, where necessary. Almacena BV is not obliged to inform User about this personally. The use of the services of Almacena BV implies that the User authorizes Almacena BV to accept any liability limitations of third parties on behalf of the User.

10.2. Almacena BV takes the utmost care when engaging third parties. However, Almacena BV is not liable for the actions or omissions of these engaged third parties, unless there is intent or gross negligence of Almacena BV.


If a provision of these general terms and conditions turns out to be void or non-binding, Almacena BV and User remain bound by the other provisions of this deed. Almacena BV will replace the null and void or non-binding provision (s) by a provision that is binding and of which the scope is as much as possible the same as that of the to be replaced provision (s), taking into account the purpose of these general terms and conditions.


Almacena BV reserves the right to unilaterally amend, supplement and / or change these general terms and conditions at any time without obligation or notification of this to Users. The latest version of the terms and conditions is found on the Website. By visiting the Website, the User is informed of the current general conditions.

13.Other provisions

13.1. Almacena BV may at any time make adjustments to the design or functioning of the Website, including the underlying technical mechanisms.

13.2. These general terms and conditions apply not only to Almacena BV, but also to other persons who have been involved or have been involved in the use of services or who are or may incur any liability in connection therewith. This also applies to their legal successors under general title.

13.3 All transactions on the Website are executed in euro (EUR).

13.4. All notifications must be put in writing and sent within the Website, by mail or e-mail, to the mailing and/or e-mail address indicated on the User’s Profile. Correspondence sent in mail shall be deemed received on the 5th (fifth) calendar day following the date indicated on the stamp by the postal service provider on the acceptance of a registered letter. Notifications sent to the User’s e-mail address shall be deemed received within 24 hours after the dispatch.

13.5. The present Terms and Conditions are binding until the moment, when the User’s Profile is deleted 

14.Applicable law 

14.1. These general terms and conditions, and all non-contractual rights and obligations arising therefrom, are governed in all respects by English law.

14.2. All disputes between Almacena BV and Users shall be resolved in accordance with the Rules of the London Court of International Arbitration. The place of arbitration shall be London. The language of arbitration shall be English.