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Whether you do the trade yourself or act as broker for another company, Almacena offers you access to best-in-class service providers for all steps of the trade process including, finance, logistics, insurance, warehousing, quality control and more.


Access affordable finance to boost your trading business and strengthen your relationships. We finance export contracts including warehouse finance to aggregate stocks, import contracts including warehouse at destination for up to 90 days and facilitate prepayments to suppliers or deferred payment for your buyers.


We offer 2 types of insurance:

  1. Loss and damage during transit and storage in pre-approved warehouses.
  2. Non-payment risk of your buyers covering up to 90 days of deferred payment
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FX and Local Payments

Users on Almacena can pay and receive payments in local currency including East African and LatAm currencies. We also offer up to 6 months FX hedging allowing users to fix rates vs local currencies for all or part of their contracts.

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