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Almacena Team

Traceability and Trade Execution Technology

We are an award-winning AgTech company that puts fairness and transparency at the heart of the supply chain. We provide traceability tools, supply chain digitalization and trade execution and post-trade document management to create win-win coffee trades. Our local team and international service partners and financiers ensure Almacena covers all steps on the way from smallholders to end buyers.

Live-changing Impact

We shorten the supply chain to create efficiencies for both sides on the commodity trade. We bring producers out of anonymity and facilitate relationships. We create higher income, we promote sustainable practices and reward gender balanced approach to business. Our goal is to impact 800 000 smallholders across East Africa until 2025.

Trading as a Service

With our innovative Trading as a Service model, whether you need to move goods across continents, finance and insure cargoes, build inventories in consumption markets or hedge commodity prices, you can count on the Almacena service. We manage the risks and we take the responsibility. You pay for the service you use in full transparency.

How it works?

Digitalise your operations and execute your coffee trade with existing or new partners using the AlmacenaOrigin App and our TradeDashboard. 


Find the coffee you need on our Marketplace or make a Request in the RFQ channel to qualified vendors.


Buy spot or get matched for  a trade with selected vendors. Execute the deal in your Dashboard and select the level of service you need: from digital traceability to full trade fulfilment.


See the data from suppliers and service providers, and manage the trade execution and export docs in your Dashboard. 


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What our Clients Say

As a coffee roaster we are happy to work with Almacena, as they provide good service and we can pick up the coffees fast in the warehouse. The African commodities we roasted are not only of good quality, but also traceable in terms of shipping dates and information which our customers want to know.
Jean Clement Birabereye
General Manager SECASB, Burundi
I really want to thank Almacena, because this company does things that others do not. Firstly they give interesting prices for producers and secondly they buy in bulk, while others simply buy small micro-lots of 10-20 bags of specialty coffee. It is really an impeccable company.
Siima Rogers
GM, Salama Coffee
Salama coffee is too proud to have found a transparent, dependable and reliable pattern in Almacena. Almacena has exhibited all characteristics of a very professional marketing team that has provided our brand, European market access. Almacena has gone forward to take us to another level through the Almacena origin app. This brings the traceability component to our product that was completely missing. We are happy, excited and confident about the future with a transparent partner Almacena

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