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 Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH)

RWH is a women's cooperative working in the coffee industry with the aim of improving the socio-economic status of women and their families. RWH exports its coffee to Europe, USA and Asia. We also work with micro-finance institutions and banks for the pre-financing of the coffee seasons.

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Key facts

Products: Arabica Coffee
Variety: Bourbon and Blue mountain
Grade(s): A and B
Supply Capacity: 8 containers
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


About us

Foundation date: February – June
Number of employees: 3057
Annual Production: 8 containers
Certification: In the process of obtaining biological and Fairtrade certifications

What we DO

Products: Arabica Coffee from the Varieties Bourbon and Blue Mountain
Facilities: Wet mill Penagos 1500 and dry mill 
Capacity: 8 containers

RWH Cooperative offers Arabica Coffee

These varieties include Bourbon and Blue Mountain A and B

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Sud Kivu, Idjwi-sud, Chefferie Ntambuka, Groupements Nyakalengwa,  RDC

Contact person

Marceline Budza



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