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Kampala Domestic Store Ltd

KDS Ltd. is leading producer and exporter of Ugandan coffees - natural and washed Robusta, as well as Arabica.

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Key facts

Products: Ugandan natural and washed coffees
Variety: robusta and arabica
Grade(s): Uganda scr.12, 15 and 18
Supply Capacity: 10000 MT
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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About us

Foundation date: 1995
Number of employees: 75
Annual Production: 
Certification: n.a.

What we DO

Products: Uganda Natural and washed Robusta, Drugar
Capacity: 10000MT

Natural Robusta scr.12,15,18

We work with producers from all parts of Uganda and can supply quality beans from Ugandan robusta and arabica regions

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PO Box 25604

Plot 6/8 Nyondo Close

Bugolobi – Kampala

Contact person

Sharifah Nanono

Tel. +256 414 235 597


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