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CAPACADE was established in 2018 with the aim of improving the lives of coffee producers but also promoting a real change in the development of the community. For that, the cooperative promotes among farmers the agricultural techniques aiming to produce higher quality cherries and good management behaviours. CAPACADE produces a yealy production of 150 MT of specialty Arabica coffee.

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Key facts

Products: Green Coffee
Variety: Arabica
Grade(s): specialty
Supply Capacity: 8 containers
Harvest period January-July

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CAPACADE promote among its members good farming techniques aiming to increase their yields and quality of cherries while paying attention to sustainable practices.

About us

Foundation date: 2018
Number of employees: 1500 farmers
Annual Production: 150 MT
Certification: in progress

What we DO

Products: Arabica green coffee
Facilities: add facilities
Capacity: 150 MT

Arabica Specialty Coffee

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Nyamukubi, Kalehe, Sud Kivu, RDC

Contact person

Safari Lushamba

Telephone: +243990085644


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