Gesha Village Coffee Estate in Ethiopia Sets New Record with $254 Per Pound Coffee

In a testament to the growing demand for super-premium green coffees, the recent sixth Gesha Village Coffee Estate auction witnessed extraordinary prices, with one winning coffee fetching an astonishing $254 per pound. This milestone represents the highest price ever paid for a coffee originating from Africa. The Gesha Village Coffee Estate, situated in Ethiopia’s West Omo Zone and renowned for its cultivation of the highly acclaimed Gesha variety of arabica coffee, successfully captivated the interest of global buyers during this remarkable event.

Exceeding Expectations:

Of the 26 exceptional coffees made available through the auction, more than half sold for over $60 per pound, highlighting the willingness of today’s buyers to go to great lengths to secure exceptional coffees. Each coffee was sold in single-bag volumes, weighing 60 kilos (132 pounds). The highest-scoring coffee, a honey-process Gesha, was acquired by a consortium of Japanese buyers for a staggering sum of just over $33,000.

Recognizing the People Behind the Coffee:

Rachel Samuel, a partner in Gesha Village Coffee Estate, along with Adam Overton and Willem Boot, emphasized the hard work and dedication of the individuals involved in producing these exceptional coffees. From the cherry pickers to the security guards, managers, and all those in between, Samuel highlighted the integral role played by the estate’s personnel in maintaining consistently high-quality standards. Their unique personalities and unwavering commitment contribute to the farm’s ongoing success and evolution.

Global Buyers, Local Impact:

The auction attracted buyers from various corners of the world, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and Europe. The impressive total auction revenue amounted to a staggering $283,481.33. This annual event not only strengthens the legacy of Gesha Village Estate but also enables the expansion of their support for the local community. Adam Overton expressed his delight at the increasing number of auctions taking place in Ethiopia and throughout the African continent, reflecting the growing recognition of African coffees’ exceptional quality.

The Gesha Village Coffee Estate auction shattered records and showcased the unwavering passion of global coffee enthusiasts for extraordinary green coffees. The astounding price of $254 per pound for a single coffee demonstrates the immense value placed on sourcing unique and superior quality beans. Such auctions not only contribute to the estate’s growth and sustainability but also empower the local community. As the world continues to appreciate the remarkable coffees emerging from Africa, it is evident that Gesha Village Coffee Estate remains at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of excellence and inspiring the global coffee industry.