A better trade

Simplifying the supply chain with trusted suppliers, reliable tools, and a local team for every step of the trade.

Secure and more efficient coffee trading

Our end-to-end platform for supply chain services makes any supply chain more efficient and less risky with our powerful trading desk. Our innovative platform empowers you to easily manage contracts and access verifiable data from every step of the coffee supply chain.

Trusting the coffee source

  1. Reduce the time and mistakes. Our advanced trade dashboard manages all documents, counter signatures, and changes, so trade closes faster.
  2. Lower trading risk. Vetted counter parties and verified profiles with insights from past performance helps traders to get the right coffee on time.
  3. Give roasters data. Our platform normalizes data from every supply chain, making it easy to manage and share traceability information with roasters.

Trust built on tools and data

Verifiable sourcing data and content is available for every step of the supply chain. The platform collects real-time data, reduces paperwork, and communication gaps.

Enable full visibility throughout the supply chain

  • Our digital traceability tools are not only efficient but also highly secure. These tools provide independent and verified supply chain data, ensuring transparency and reliability throughout the process.

  • With a local presence in the origin countries, Almacena's team provides invaluable support through local checks. This means that they have personnel on the ground who can conduct thorough inspections and assessments.

  • At Almacena, we continuously introduce new suppliers to expand our network. We understand the importance of maintaining an active check and updated network to ensure the reliability and quality of our offerings.

Start a better trade today and manage a secure supply chain tomorrow.


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