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COOCAMU is a cooperative that works with more than 1303 farmers in the province of Rutsiro in the Western Region in Rwanda. At an altitude ranging between 1400-1900 masl, produces Arabica of the Bourbon, Jackson 2 and BM 139 varieties fully or semi washed, Fairtrade and RFA certified and with an annual capacity of 269 MT. Offers different qualities, from A1, A2 and commercial quality. Notes with floral, stone fruits and raspberry with long lasting finish.


Producido en Africa

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Principales datos

Productos: Café Verde
Variedad: Arabica Bourbon, Jackson 2, BM 139
Grado(s): A1, A2, Commercial
Capacidad de producción: 269 MT
Período de Cosecha April-July

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (CSR)

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Sobre Nosotros

Fecha Constitución: 2014
Número de Empleados: 1303 Farmers
Producción Anual: 269 MT
Certificación: Fairtrade, RFA

Qué hacemos

Productos: Arabica A1, A2, Commercial
Instalaciones: Bwishaza, Gishyita, Korora, COOCAMU CWS
Capacidad: 269 MT

Arabica A1, A2, Commercial

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Rutsiro – Western


Tlph: +250788587393


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