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Mubuga Coffee Ltd

In the hills of the Western Province of Rwanda, Mubuga coffee Ltd grows coffee on a vast land at an altitude of 1,788 masl. This company that was established in 2015 has a mission of achieving high quality and quantity of coffee and a clear vision of becoming a center of excellence at the local and international markets. Started with only two workers and an annual capacity of 30 MT, today they handle a capacity of 1000 MT. Abimana Mathias, his founder and general Manager is also very proud of its three certificates, Organic, Fairtrade, Rain Forest Alliance.

Hergestellt in Afrika

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Wichtige Fakten

Produkte: Grüner Kaffee
Vielfalt: Arabica Bourbon, BM139, LAB C15
Note: Commercial & Specialty
Lieferkapazität: 1000 MT
Erntezeit Feb-June, Aug-Oct

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Certifications are very important for Mubuga. By having obtained them, they can attest to be environmentally friendly with sustainable farming practices. Also they can assure their clients that no child labor is involved in the production of coffee.

Über uns

Gründungstag: 22/01/2015
Anzahl der Angestellten: 205
Jährliche Produktion: 1000 MT
Zertifizierung: Organic, Fairtrade, RFA

Was wir tun

Produkte: Arabica Kaffee
Einrichtungen: Mubuga Washing Station, Pinalhense pulper
Kapazität: 1000 MT

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