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Coopérative des Caféiculteurs de Gishoma (COCAGI)

COCAGI, Coopérative des Caféiculteurs de Gishoma was established in 2004 by 269 coffee farmers with the aim of promoting social well-being by improving coffee quantity and quality in specialty coffee standards. Committed to work together, the majority of coffee farmers in the cooperative zone were mobilized to join the cooperative as it was achieving its objectives up to 1114 farmers currently. The capacity of the washing station is extended to 1300 tons of cherries per coffee season.

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Wichtige Fakten

Produkte: Grüner Kaffee
Vielfalt: Arabica Bourbon
Note: A1 Specialty & Commercial
Lieferkapazität: 120 MT
Erntezeit January – June

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Growers receive training in agricultural practices so they are able to maintain sustainability by using manual fertilizer, agro chemicals and pesticides. Hand picked, we use modern demucilaging technology in pulping and our beans are washed with natural spring water and finally hand selected. 

Über uns

Gründungstag: 2004
Anzahl der Angestellten: 1114 farmers
Jährliche Produktion: 120 MT
Zertifizierung: Fairtrade, RFA

Was wir tun

Produkte: Arabica Full Washed or Semi-Washed
Einrichtungen: COCAGI – Karunyerera and NYENGI – Rugunga CWS
Kapazität: 120 MT

Arabica Bourbon
A1 & Commercial

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