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Zahra Food Industries Ltd.

Zahra Food Industries Ltd is a premier, ISO Food Safety Management System (22000:2018) agro-processor based in Uganda, offering a wide range of premium quality commodity and value added products including dried and fresh fruit, teas, nuts, seeds, vanilla and moringa powder

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Key facts

Products: dried and fresh fruit, spices and herbs, nuts and tea, vanilla
Variety: mango, papaya, jackfruit, pineapple, avocado
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Our Values

  • Food Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Leadership
  • Exceed Expectations

About us

Foundation date: April 2018
Number of employees: 5 employees
Annual Production: 12 tons of dried fruit, 100 tons of roasted nuts, 1,000 tons of fresh produce, 10 tons of vanilla, 20 tons of moringa powder
Certification: ISO FSMS (22000:2018), UNBQ Q-Marks

What we DO

Products: dried fruits, fresh products, healing teas, nuts and seeds, vanilla and moringa powder
Facilities: Namanve Industrial Park, Kampala – Uganda

We deliver dried fruit in 12kg boxes containing 2kg plastic bags to wholesale clients and also packaged and ready-to-consume 40gr packages. Our products are 100% fruit, no GMO, no added sugar and just pure natural and delicious taste.

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Warehouse A3, Kyaggwe Block 113, Plot 750-990, Namanve Industrial Park, P. O. Box 28986, Kampala – Uganda.

Contact person

Mr.Quresh Fidahusein

+256 753 577 006


Dried and Fresh Fruit, Nuts, Spices and Tea