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Buy Commodityorganic Arabica sheko unwashed grade 560kg957960bb1cb2e734c
Sell CommodityGreen Coffee36000kg957460ba3c73a1190
Sell CommodityGreen Specialty Coffee72000kg956960ba3b34a35ab
Sell CommodityKayon Mountain Coffee, Guji, Grade 1 washed, FOB $3.25/LB, 500 Bags, RFA, Fair Trade and Organic Certified_Draft RFQ_video500kg956760b8dccf2eda2
Buy Commodityorganic sheko washed grade 260kg956560b89511013fc
Buy Commodityorganic sheko unwashed grade 460kg956460b892944da3a
Sell CommodityGreen coffee4pound954460b71636a319e
Sell CommodityDereje Daleto: 1000 Bags Washed Anderacha Gr 1 Price 2.5 usd/lb FOB60000kg954160b4e2cbebc07
Sell CommodityKayon Mountain: Available 1x 20 ft container of Guji Gr. 1 at 3 USD/lb FOB19200kg8924607dd8d6a4a4c
Sell CommoditySanyiibui: 1 Container Washed Gr 1 Cup of Excellence 3.40 USD/lb FOB19200kg8928607ddb6197f53
Sell CommoditySanyiibui: 1 Container Natural Gr 1 3.25 USD/lb FOB19200kg8929607ddc32c9fe5
Sell CommoditySanyiibui: 5 Containers Gr. 2 West Arsi Nansebo Wereda FOB96000kg8930607ddc997c2ba
Sell CommodityDedessa: 20,000 kg Limu Gr. 3 Natural FOB20000kg8931607ddd1d6e7c0
Sell CommodityKata Muduga: 5 Containers Limu Gr. 1 FOB96000kg8932607ddda3b4367
Sell CommodityKata Muduga: 6 Containers Limu Gr. 2 FOB115200kg8933607ddfe7da9a9
Sell CommodityBufumbo: 1 Container Bugisu AA Fairtrade/Organic 4.4 USD/Kg FOB21000kg8935607de169041de
Sell CommodityBufumbo: 1 Container Bugisu AB Fairtrade/Organic 4.2 USD/kg FOB21000kg8936607de1c8ed256
Sell CommodityMasha Jungle: 1200 Bags Natural Anderacha 2.5 USD/lb FOB72000kg8927607ddaba5241f
Sell CommodityZat: 160 Bags Natural 2.8 USD/lb FOB9600kg8926607dda2f4ec30
Sell CommodityZat: 100 Bags Washed Tula 2.8 USD/lb FOB6000kg8925607dd9772e73f
Sell CommodityLife Agro: Available 1x 20 ft container of Sidamo Gr. 2 at 2.20 USD/lb FOB19200kg8923607dd8146d8fd
Sell CommodityLife Agro: Available 1x 20 ft container of Yirgacheffe Gr. 2 at 2.20 USD/lb FOB19200kg8922607dd7b108f3b
Buy CommodityBugisu AA20mt889460785f0c93415
Buy CommodityDjimma Grade 538400kg8892607814a981434
Buy Commoditymacadamia20mt8593606abaaf7fbad

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