Active Requests For Quotation

TypeShort DescriptionQuantityUnitsLinksAttachments
Sell CommodityLeul Kelem: Jimma Grade 5, 18MT, 2$/lb FOB Djibouti18000kg105716110ee60d8909
Sell CommodityLeul Kelem: Kaffa Grade 3, 36MT, 2,65$/lb FOB Djibouti36000kg105676110ed6fb7b0f
Sell CommodityBugisu Coop Union: Bugisu AA, 40 MT available at FOB Mombasa 2.13$/lb40000kg1046560fd6eb72367c
Sell CommodityCoffee World: Robusta Screen 15, 20 MT available at FOB 2.11 $/kg20000kg1046360fd6c5fb482b
Sell CommodityIdeal Commodities: Robusta Scr 15, 40MT, 2,15$/kg40000kg1046160fd6a066f84e
Sell CommodityBeker: Yirgacheffe Natural Gr. 1, 50 MT, 3,99·/lb FOB Djibouti50000kg1024660f011624c18a
Sell CommodityLeul Kelem: Kaffa Grade 3 and 4, Washed and Naturally sun dried, 72MT, 2,5$/lb FOB Djibouti72000kg1021760ef03dc45c6e
Sell CommodityLeul Kelem: Guji Washed Grade 2, 18MT, 3.2$/lb FOB Djibouti18000kg1021660ef02c30e43c
Sell CommodityLeul Kelem: JImma / Agaro Naturally sun dried, 36MT, 3.5$/lb FOB Djibouti36000kg1019960eec0ef30c8e
Sell CommodityLeul Kelem: Sheka Zone Masha Woreda - Grade1; 72MT, 4$/lb FOB Djibouti72000kg1019760eebefc1b103
Sell CommodityBufumbo: 20 MT Bugisu AA Mbale, Fairtrade/Organic, 2.23$/lb FOB Mombasa20000kg1011060dde3873dc6c
Sell CommodityBeker: Yirgacheffe washed Gr. 1, 50 MT, 4,04$/lb FOB Djibouti50000kg998460d47f7f97e73
Sell CommoditySemshan: Organic Arabica Sheko Natural Gr. 5, 1.25€/kg FOB Djibouti20000kg957960bb1cb2e734c
Sell CommodityKayon Mountain Coffee, Guji, Grade 1 Mixed Natural/Washed Org/RFA/FT certified, 9.6MT, $2,8/lb FCA EU19200kg956760b8dccf2eda2
Sell CommoditySemshan: Organic Sheko Washed Gr. 220mt956560b89511013fc
Buy CommoditySemshan: Organic Sheko Natural Gr. 420mt956460b892944da3a
Sell CommodityDereje Daleto: 1000 Bags Washed Anderacha Gr 1 Price 2.5 usd/lb FOB60000kg954160b4e2cbebc07
Sell CommodityBufumbo: 20 MT Bugisu AA Fairtrade/Organic 4.54 USD/Kg FOB20mt8935607de169041de
Sell CommodityKata Muduga: 5 Containers Limu Gr. 2,27$/lb FOB Djibouti96mt8932607ddda3b4367
Sell CommodityDedessa: 20 MT Limu Gr. 3 Natural 1,6$/lb FOB Djibouti20mt8931607ddd1d6e7c0
Sell CommoditySanyiibui: 5 Containers Gr. 2 West Arsi Nansebo Wereda FOB96000kg8930607ddc997c2ba
Sell CommoditySanyiibui: West Arsi Natural Gr 1, 84 MT, 4.1 USD/lb FOB19200kg8929607ddc32c9fe5
Sell CommoditySanyiibui: West Arsi Washed Gr 1 Cup of Excellence, 18 MT, 4 USD/lb FOB18mt8928607ddb6197f53
Sell CommodityMasha Jungle: 1200 Bags Natural Anderacha 2.5 USD/lb FOB72000pound8927607ddaba5241f
Sell CommodityZat: Natural Gr. 1, 21.6 MT 2.6 USD/lb FOB9600kg8926607dda2f4ec30
Sell CommodityLife Agro: Available 1x 20 ft container of Sidamo Gr. 2 at 2.20 USD/lb FOB19200kg8923607dd8146d8fd
Sell CommodityLife Agro: Available 1x 20 ft container of Yirgacheffe Gr. 2 at 2.20 USD/lb FOB19200kg8922607dd7b108f3b
Buy CommodityBugisu AA20mt889460785f0c93415
Buy CommodityDjimma Grade 538400kg8892607814a981434
Buy Commoditymacadamia20mt8593606abaaf7fbad