General Manager of Colombian Coffee Federation Initiates Comprehensive Austerity Plan

In an effort to boost efficiency and sustainability within the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) of Colombia, its General Manager, Germán Alberto Bahamón Jaramillo, has announced the implementation of an ambitious austerity plan. This plan includes the elimination of unnecessary expenses at the Bogotá offices, a reduction in executive positions, and an administrative reorganization aimed at improving coffee sales on the international level. In this article, we will explore the motivations behind this initiative and how it is expected to benefit the Colombian coffee sector.

The New Leadership of the FNC

Germán Bahamón assumed the position of General Manager of the FNC approximately five months ago, with a clear focus on industrialization, promoting associativity, and ensuring the sustainability of the coffee industry. In his own words, his mission is to “advocate for the coffee growers’ concerns” and secure a prosperous future for this vital Colombian industry.

Promoting a Culture of Austerity

One of Bahamón’s primary strategies to achieve these goals is to foster a culture of austerity within the FNC. Concrete measures have been taken, including:

  • Elimination of Superfluous Expenses: Unnecessary expenses, such as social clubs and satellite television costing over $500 million annually, have been identified and eliminated.
  • Reduction in Operating Costs: Efforts are underway to reduce operating costs by 20%, contributing to the financial efficiency of the organization.
  • Reorganization of Positions: Seven executive positions within the organization have been abolished, allowing for a more agile structure focused on specific goals.

Benefits for the Coffee Industry

These austerity measures not only aim to optimize the resources of the FNC but also to directly benefit Colombian coffee growers and the coffee industry as a whole. With cost reductions and a focus on specific objectives, it is expected that the FNC will be able to sell coffee at more competitive prices in the international market. This, in turn, will translate into a direct benefit for coffee producers, improving their income and sustainability.


General Manager Germán Bahamón’s commitment to the sustainability and success of the Colombian coffee industry is evident in the implementation of this austerity plan within the National Federation of Coffee Growers. The elimination of superfluous expenses, reduction in executive positions, and administrative reorganization are significant steps toward efficiency and competitiveness in a highly competitive global market. This focus on austerity will not only benefit the organization itself but also contribute to the well-being of coffee growers and the promising future of the coffee industry in Colombia.