The African Coffee Marketplace

Traceable Coffees From Verified Producers

85 000 MT green coffee supply capacity from 160 African cooperatives.

Our expert team and international partners control trade execution and supply chain risks from the coffee cooperatives to the final destination.

Building Sustainable Supply

We create level playing filed for all supply chain participants by leveraging our proprietory technology, local team in origin countries and service agreements with best-in-class supply chain partners and leading financiers.

One-stop Enterprise Sourcing Solution

We are an award-winning AgTech company that puts fairness and transparency at the heart of the supply chain. We provide traceability tools, supply chain digitalization and trade execution and post-trade document management to create win-win coffee trades. Our local team and international service partners and financiers ensure Almacena covers all steps on the way from smallholders to end buyers.

Real Impact

We shorten the supply chain to create efficiencies for both sides on the commodity trade. We bring producers out of anonymity and facilitate relationships. We create higher income, we promote sustainable practices and reward gender balanced approach to business. Our goal is to impact 800 000 smallholders across East Africa until 2025.

Trading as a Service

Whether you need to move goods across continents, finance and insure cargoes, build inventories in consumption markets or hedge commodity prices, you can count on the Almacena service. We manage the risks and we take the responsibility. You pay for the service you use. No intermediaries; no black boxes.

What we stand for

Coffee and Tea production in East Africa is a smallholder activity:

400 000 households in Rwanda
600 000 households in Burundi
400 000 households in Tanzania
1 700 000 households in Uganda, etc.

These are the communities that need most attention to transform the local economies and boost economic activity. At Almacena Platform, we believe with the help of private individuals acting as investors, we can collectively help Rural Africa achieve a better and more sustainable future.

In the UN Framework of Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to address:

No poverty

Giving African Growers and their families an affordable finance alternative in an intuitive and flexible manner

Gender Equality

Actively promoting Women-only Cooperatives and offering special rates of finance to stimulate women professional employment

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Helping with job retention at Rural areas. Creating directly jobs for our African branches.

Reduce Inequalities

Enabling Access to EU Markets and Higher Value Retention for the African Growers by offering financing at Destination Markets and Export Hubs

Responsible Consumption & Production

Promoting Fair Trade, Organic and Best Agri Practices and Responsible Sourcing on our Platform

How it works?

It is a very simple 4 easy steps process


Search and Select your preferred references based on a wide variety of criteria like Stock location, Origin / region, Price, Quality, Cupping Notes, etc.


Check what our Quality Experts say, see our profile or ask for free samples to check if it fits your own cup profile. Don't miss our cupping webinars where we regularly introduce our different coffees.


Check Stock Availability:
Is stock available? Place your order and we will deliver your coffees / samples right away to you.
No stock showing? Don't worry. Send a direct request and the producer will confirm you availability and price. If it matches your interests you can pre-order your coffees / samples and we will include them in our next shipment.


Any questions? Contact us by email.

What our Clients Say

As a coffee roaster we are happy to work with Almacena, as they provide good service and we can pick up the coffees fast in the warehouse. The African commodities we roasted are not only of good quality, but also traceable in terms of shipping dates and information which our customers want to know.
Jean Clement Birabereye
General Manager SECASB, Burundi
I really want to thank Almacena, because this company does things that others do not. Firstly they give interesting prices for producers and secondly they buy in bulk, while others simply buy small micro-lots of 10-20 bags of specialty coffee. It is really an impeccable company.
Siima Rogers
GM, Salama Coffee
Salama coffee is too proud to have found a transparent, dependable and reliable pattern in Almacena. Almacena has exhibited all characteristics of a very professional marketing team that has provided our brand, European market access. Almacena has gone forward to take us to another level through the Almacena origin app. This brings the traceability component to our product that was completely missing. We are happy, excited and confident about the future with a transparent partner Almacena