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Tumaini Coffee Cooperative (TCC)

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Key facts

Products: Arabica, Bourbon 
Variety: Kabare 16 and Katwai
Grade(s): A and B
Supply Capacity: 4 Containers
Harvest period: January – July

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Tumaini Coffee Cooperative is a cooperative (TCC) of small coffee producers in South Kivu and works for women’s leadership. The motto of Tumaini is “Empowering women in coffee”.

TCC gives training on good agricultural practices.

Women and youth are involved in the governance of village savings and credit associations (AVEC/VSLA).

Tumaini Coffee Cooperative (TCC) works with organisations which provide guidance in coffee production, in technical support and consultations. Works with micro-finance institutions for the rotation of the coffee seasons.

About us

Foundation date: November 2015
Number of employees: 1444
Annual Production: 4 containers
Certification: working towards Bio and Fair Trade

What we DO

Products:  Kabare 16 et Katwai 
Facilities: Kahisa- Birava- Ikambi -Lwangoma wet mill and RAS dry mill
Capacity: 4 containers

TCC provides Arabica and Bourbon Coffee from DRC

These varieties include Kabare 16 and Katwai

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 Avenue Miti-Centre 368 /Kabare, Bukavu, Sud-Kivu, République Démocratique du Congo

Contact person

 Aline Feza Mihigo 



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