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Tariku Kare Banata Coffee Supplier and Exporter

The founder of Tariku Kare Banata Coffee Export - Mr. Tariku Kare Banata - is known for his hard working and result-driven behavior. He used to work in different coffee washing and milling stations as a daily laborer and had a chance to grow in his position and become a chief quality control expert. After working for a decade as an expert, he founded his own washing station in 2013 in West Arsi, Nensabo district, Bulga village (Oromia Regional state) and started supplying high quality coffee for the Ethiopian market. Five years later, he founded his second washing station at Bombe village in Sidama Zonal administration. Now he is thriving in the coffee export business and is a proud owner of his own washing stations. Mr. Tariku is excited to introduce his version of premium quality coffee to the global market.

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Key facts

Products: Washed and Natural Sidama Bensa and Nansebo
Variety: Arabica Coffee
Grade(s): grade 1 and 2
Supply Capacity: 4 washed and 5 natural containers
Harvest period October to December

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our company is working closely with registered smallholder coffee farmers and had signed an agreement to share profit for its coffee suppliers at the end of cropping season. Also, annual school supply donations are made for farmers’ children to help with their education.

About us

Foundation date: 2019
Number of employees: 850 farmers
Annual Production: 10 containers washed and 20 natural containers

What we DO

Products: Washed and Natural grade 1 and 2 Sidama, Bensa and Nansebo
Facilities: Washing stations and drying mills
Capacity: 4 washed and 5 natural containers

Tariku Kare Banata Coffee Export

Sidama Nansebo Natural & Washed

Tariku Kare Banata Coffee Export

Sidama Bensa Natural & Washed

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P.O. BOX 26308, Code 1000, West Arusi, Worka, Ethiopia

Contact person

Tariku Kare

+251911263879 / +251916105480

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