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Salama Coffee Estates Ltd

Based on 400ha of land located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Salama is a producer of specialty (washed) Robusta and natural Robusta scr 18, 15 and 12. The company is also running a tea operation and employs over 1000 farmers who are offered various services and support including on-site medical clinic and infant school.

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Key facts

Products: Washed and Natural Robusta
Variety: Elite Robusta
Grade(s): scr. 12, 15 and 18
Supply Capacity: 1200MT
Harvest period April – June; Sept – January

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Company owns estates of 400 ha located on the shores of the largest fresh water lake in Africa, Lake Victoria. This make her operations very environment friendly. Not only preserving the environs on the
lake shores, the company has gone to preserve the high value ecosystems on her land for the sustainability of her operations. In addition, employees can benefit from free medical services, free accommodation, on-site clinic and school.

About us

Foundation date: 2015
Number of employees: 1000
Annual Production: 1200 MT
Certification: pursuing RFA/UTZ

What we DO

Products: Washed and Natural Robusta
Facilities: Wet and dry mill 

Capacity: 1200MT

Specialty and Natural Robusta

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Salama Coffee Estates Ltd

Luwala Str., Njeru Municipality

Kampala, Uganda

Contact person

John Martin Troughton

+256 758163817 / +254733712910


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