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Kivu Smile

Kivu Smile is a company founded by young entrepreneurs with the aim to produce the best coffees in the world, work to promote youth inclusion and financial independence. We produce Arabica coffees from South Kivu of the Bourbon, Blue Mountain and Jackson varieties. We work with 800 farmers and produce 4 containers of grade A and B annually.

Made in Africa

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Key facts

Products: Green Coffee
Variety: Arabica Bourbon, Blue Mountain, Jackson
Grade(s): A and B
Supply Capacity: 80 MT
Harvest period February-June, October-December

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We promote youth inclusion and financial independence.

About us

Foundation date: 2019
Number of employees: 800 farmers
Annual Production: 80 MT

What we DO

Products: Arabica Green Coffee
Facilities: RAS
Capacity: 80 MT

Arabica Green Coffee

Lake Kivu


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our work inspires smiles

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Avenue du Hypodrome, 25

Bukavu, Kalehe Sud Kivu


Contact person

Bahati Magadju Gulain

Telephone: +243973394325


Green Coffee