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Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association

From Mt. Elgon, representing 711 Fairtrade and 400+ organic certified farmers, Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association is able to supply Ugandan Natural and Washed Arabica of highest quality, produced with nature in mind and in support of the local communities. The farmers also produce bananas and Fairtrade certified vanilla

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Key facts

Products: Arabica Coffee Beans
Variety: SL14-Kilimanjaro
Grade(s): AA, A, B, PB
Supply Capacity: 
Harvest period Sept-Jan main and fly crop June-July

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The association has a Premium committee who is managing various community projects paid with the proceeds from the produce sales, including a Clean Water project, local Health Centers, student scholarships and more

About us

Foundation date: Sept. 2007
Number of employees: 700
Annual Production: 300MT
Certification: Organic, Fairtrade, 

What we DO

Products: Bugisu
Facilities: wet and dry mill
Capacity: 300MT

Bugisu, Natural Arabica, Vanilla and Bananas

Organic and Fairtrade certified

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Jewa Township, Bufumbo subcounty 2042 Mbale


Contact person

Mr. Richard Matovu

+256 701 353 774


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