Agropecuaria Farallones

Agropecuaria Farallones is built with the knowledge and dedication of various generations. Today we reflect in everything what we do the inheritance and love that the first producers left us.

We are a company with full orientation in what we love; obtain the best coffee of origin. In our acres located in a corner of Antioquia`s southwestern with trees distributed between Colombia and caturra variety, we produce and commercialize a coffee we are proud of.

Currently, thanks to climatic conditions, the position on sea level, natural inputs, including water from native forests; plus the constant renewal of crops, has made our grains reach a myriad of places in the world and have gained international recognition as a grain of the highest quality.

We believe in agricultural development around coffee, so our role is to boost production, processing, marketing and investment activities in this sector. Always framed in the respect for human beings and for the environment, and with full knowledge of our customers and their perception of value, we offer a coffee of origin, green and roasted, with great and unique qualities of differentiation.

Processing Company, Processing Company, Estate Farm, Private Exporter,
Washing Station, Drymill

Farm Details

Founding Year
Farm Land
Multiple Sources
Annual Production Capacity (MT)
250 MT

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