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Pelican General Trading partners with smallholder farmers to export coffee directly to world markets. We ensure that farmers participant in the economic upside gained from producing good quality coffee beans. We work alongside coffee farmers to achieve the required certification and ensure traceability. We source coffee from different regions in Ethiopia including Yirgacheffee, Guji, Limmu Lekemti, Harar, Sidamo, and Djimma coffee.

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Key facts

Products: Organic Arabica Coffee
Variety: Washed Guji and Unwashed Yirgacheffe
Grade(s): Grades 1-5
Supply Capacity: Yirgacheffe 100 MT ; Guji 400 MT
Harvest period November- January

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Shared economic benefits with farmers

About us

Foundation date: 1999
Number of employees: Mr. Mikias Bogale (Yirgachefe) Mr. Aschalaw Girma (Guji)

Annual Production: Yirgacheffe 100 MT ; Guji 400 MT
Certification: Organic

What we DO

Products: Yirgacheffe and Guji Coffee
Facilities: Dry Mill (Cimbria) and a local wet mill
Capacity: Yirgacheffe 100 MT ; Guji 400 MT

Mr Belen Moges provides Arabica Coffee

These varieties are Washed Guji and Unwashed Yirgacheffe

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P.O BOX 23536, Pelican General Trading, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia 

Contact person

Arsema Elias +251 91 287 6510 

Belen Moges +251 91 124 2668


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