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Recognizing the unparalleled quality of newly known Anderacha site, and also the deep natural heritage along with the diverse and rich culture of the community; Mr. Yonas Taddesse, founder of Ovid Group and Subsidiary companies, decided to expand its foot print looking for a great coffee and making radical impact in the sector. This unique site is at the highest mountain peak of Anderacha area (above 2000 masl). Further, most of the coffees are harvested from a wild forest plantation known as Mother Trees, which are grown under the shade of many local indigenous trees which produce ethnic stable foods.

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Key facts

Products: Green Coffee
Variety: Arabica JARC varieties, Local Landraces Variety
Grade(s): Specialty, 14+ screen
Supply Capacity: 400 MT
Harvest period November-January

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Farming is done in purely organic methods. Conserving a forest typically involves sustainable logging practices to minimize deforestation and forest management. Also ensures no water contamination as result of coffee processing. We also provide clean water for our addition, we do a lot of work in creative husk management for organic fertilizers piloting cascara drinks. 

We provide community support (roads, affordable house, schools, women´s health care.

Ovid Trading, as part of the corporate group, we have constantly donating Masters program for 20 students, provided home for Elderly & mentally disabled and we have also constructed and alloted 50 houses for those individuals with very low income. We also believe in fair compensation, at least livable wages to our outgrowers and our team.

About us

Foundation date: 2020
Number of employees: 4200 farmers 
Annual Production: 400 MT
Certification: In Progress (Organic)

What we DO

Products: Arabica Anderacha
Facilities: Anderacha Washing Station
Capacity: 400 MT

Arabica Anderacha

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Bole Sub city, Woreda 02, Around Bole Wolo Sefer

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