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Heleph produces and exports top quality Arabica Grade 1-4 coffees from different woredas/kebeles/CWS of five main Ethiopian regions: Sidama (Bona Zuria, Aleta Wendo, Dale, Bensa, Harbegonna), Yirgacheffe (Danche Chelbesa, Banko Dadatu, Kochere, Chelelektu, Halo Beriti, Banko Gotiti), Kaffa (Bonga, Anderacha, Dencha, Gimbu), Limmu (Gera, Kosa, Kersa) and Guji (Adola, Hambale, Dame Dabaye, Hambala Buku, Raro Boda, Suke Quto, Layo Teraga, Ana Sora, Yabito Koba, Masina, Shakisso).

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Key facts

Products: Green Coffee
Variety: Coffee Arabica (74-110, 74-112, 74-158, 74-165)
Grade(s): Grade 1 and Premium 2
Supply Capacity: 153.6 MT
Harvest period November-January

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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About us

Foundation date: 
Number of employees: 680 Contracted Out-grower farmers
Annual Production: 153.6 MT
Certification: n.a.

What we DO

Products: Arabica Natural/Washed/Honey/Anaerobic
Facilities: Ayele Tulu Washing Station / Tsegab Ayele Dry
Capacity: 153.6 MT

Arabica Gr 1 & 2
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22 Mazoria, Tesheab Commercial Centre

Addis Ababa

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Tsegab Ayele



Green Coffee