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Green Mountain Arabica Coffee Ltd

Green Mountain Arabica Coffee Ltd is a company farmer processor and exporter of green coffee established in 2012. It owns a coffee washing station in the Eastern province, Rwamagana District, Karange Sector. It processes coffees of their own plantation (above 2,000 coffee plants) and purchases coffee from 1200 farmers partners. GMAC has a mission to promote the production and processing of specialty coffee in the Karenge Sector/Rwamagana District in the Eastern part of Rwanda.

Made in Africa

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Key facts

Products: Green Coffee
Variety: Arabica Red Bourbon
Grade(s): A1,A2 Specialty & Commercial
Supply Capacity: 167 MT
Harvest period March-June

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


To promote the production and processing of specialty coffee in Karenge/Rwamagana District in Eastern Rwanda. This will be achieved through training program to improve coffee farming practices and coffee processing for better access to market.


Integrity, Trustworthiness, Accountability

About us

Foundation date: 2012
Number of employees: 167 / 2000 farmers
Annual Production: 167 MT
Certification: RFA, UTZ

What we DO

Products: Arabica Red Bourbon A1,A2
Facilities: Karenge/Bushoki CWS
Capacity: 167 M

Arabica A1, A2
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KK 372 St. 4

Kigali / Rwanda

Contact person

Steven Rukaka

Telephone: +250 788 35 75 78


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