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Coopérative Ikawa Yacu

Coopérative Ikawa Yacu was founded in 2016 with 524 members. We have an experience of 5 years and produce the best quality coffee. We produce a forest coffee that grow surrounded by natural shade trees from CIMEZA. We produce 200 MT of coffee cherries from which we obtain the best A1, A2, A3 coffees of bourbon variety.

Made in Africa

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Key facts

Products: Green Coffee
Variety: Bourbon Rouge
Grade(s): A1, A2, A3
Supply Capacity: 200 MT coffee cherries
Harvest period March – June

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

About us

Foundation date: 2016
Number of employees: 523 farmers
Annual Production: 200 MT coffee cherries
Certification: n.a.

What we DO

Products: Natural and Washed
Facilities: McKinnon / Penagos
Capacity: 200 MT coffee cherries

A1, A2, A3 Arabica Bourbon

Our Products

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Contact person

Emmanuel Niyongere

+257 6024330


Green Coffee