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Bukonzo Organic Farmers Cooperative Union Ltd.

Located in the Rwenzori Mountains, Western Uganda, BOCU is a producer of fully washed, organic certified Arabica. The Union operates 36 micro washing stations and has 3000 farmers dedicated to produce coffee of the highest standards.

Made in Africa

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Key facts

Products: Arabica coffee beans
Variety: SL 14 & SL 28
Grade(s): 15+
Supply Capacity: 384000 tons
Harvest period fly crop 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Capacity building and training of farmers, certification programs and paying for the cost of the certification, supporting model farmers with farm inputs, supporting farmers to start micro station lending associations, paying premiums to farmers and supporting the involvement of youth in farming.

About us

Foundation date: 2009
Number of employees: 3000 farmers
Annual Production: 384000 tons
Certification: Organic and Fairtrade

What we DO

Products: Washed Arabica
Facilities: 36 micro stations

Fully washed Arabica

Fairtrade and Organic Certified

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278, Kinyamaseke-Mairu ikumi

Kasese, Uganda

Contact person

Kabugho Josinta

+ 256 781526613


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