🌍 Ethiopian Coffee: A Global Treasure!

Did you know that Ethiopian coffee holds a special place on the global stage? According to World Coffee Research’s Asian and Africa Director, Kraig Kraft, the birthplace of coffee boasts an incredible diversity and quality that every company wants to purchase and every coffee drinker wants to savor.

In a recent interview, Kraft emphasized the importance of promoting the Ethiopian coffee brand worldwide. He believes that people from all corners of the globe can appreciate the unique flavors of Ethiopian coffee.

While the demand for coffee continues to rise, Kraft highlights the need to prioritize environmental sustainability. By enhancing productivity and supporting existing coffee farmers, we can meet the growing demand while respecting our natural surroundings.

With over 5 million households dependent on coffee production, Ethiopia plays a significant role in the industry. Kraig emphasizes that the future of Ethiopian coffee looks bright, but innovation is necessary for farmers to access the global market successfully. Research and development, innovation, and the creation of new coffee varieties are crucial steps towards meeting increasing demands.

Taye Tadesse, Director of Crop Research at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, underlines the importance of Ethiopia’s genetic resources. Harnessing these resources, especially in breeding improved coffee varieties, will help coffee thrive despite the challenges posed by climate change and shifting global markets.

Although weather volatility and uncertain rainfall patterns pose challenges, Tadesse remains optimistic. Thanks to Ethiopia’s abundant genetic diversity, the coffee sector can overcome obstacles and build a vibrant industry that addresses current and future challenges.

Recent reports from the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) reveal impressive export figures. With over 1.1 billion USD earned from coffee exports in the past 11 months, Ethiopia’s emphasis on high-quality coffee has paid off. Notably, specialty coffee now accounts for 70 percent of Ethiopia’s coffee exports.

Coffee holds immense significance for Ethiopia’s economy, contributing to 24 percent of the nation’s export income. Major export destinations include the USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and Germany.