Rwanda (Gatatu)
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9R3YA-VG: Rwanda (Gatatu)

4.00 EUR / kg

Reference Name
Rwanda (Gatatu)
Unit Price
4.00 EUR / kg
Product Type
Arabica Green Coffee
Antwerp (Spot)
In Stock Location
Antwerp, Belgium
1,320 kg
22 Bags x 60 kg
Fully-washed / A

Producer: Cafe de Gisagara Ltd

Cafe de Gisagara Ltd
Company Message

Café de Gisagara is run by Good Neighbors, an NGO from Korea. The project began in 2014. Before the project began there was little attention given to coffee quality and little infrastructure existed.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Café de Gisagara is a social enterprise that aims to increase farmers income 4,5x in 6 years via improved yields (210% from 1,13 to 3,5kg/tree and increased price (32% from $22c to $28c/kg). They provide microloans to farmers for health insurance and equipment that are repaid from future crops and assist farmers with seedlings, shade trees and fertilizers. At the end of the export season, farmers receive an additional bonus payment.

Impact Score

105 /164


Antwerp Port Destination Port 04 Mar 2020 Antwerp, Belgium
Mombasa Port Local Warehouse 28 Feb 2020 Mombasa
Cafe de Gisagara Ltd Producer 09 Jan 2020 Kigali, Rwanda