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Muhondo Coffee Company

Muhondo Coffee Company is a private company established in 2013, based in northern province in Gakenke district. Muhondo works with 2,394 farmers (25% women), with 30,000 trees and operates 3 Coffee washing stations: Muhondo CWS, Bukonya CWS (in Gakenke) and Bwisige CWS (in Gicumbi). Abundant rainfall and fertile, volcanic soil is the perfect incubator for the rich flavors of Muhondo´s specialty coffee. With slow growth at such high altitudes, our cherries develop slowly, producing mature and well-balanced profiles. Sweet, citrus, caramel flavours can be detected in our exquisite brew. We have an anual capacity of 1000 MT of cherry. In 2014 Muhondo won the Presidential Award and in 2015 we were placed 3rd in the CoE awards for impacting the local community through women and youth employment.

Prodotto in Africa

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Aspetti principali

Prodotti: Green Coffee
Varietà: Arabica
Gradi: A1
Capacità produttiva: 1000 MT cherry
Periodo di raccolta February-June, August-October

Responsabilità sociale d'impresa (CSR)

Certified Cafe Practices and UTZ committed to continuous improvement in social, environmental and agronomic best practices.

Chi siamo

Data di fondazione: 2013
Numero di dipendenti: 2,394 farmers
Produzione annuale: 1000 MT
Certificazione: Café Practices, UTZ

Cosa facciamo

Prodotti: Arabica Red Bourbon, BM139, LAB C15, Ruiru
Strutture: Muhondo CWS, Bukonya CWS, Bwisige CWS
Capacità: 100 MT

Muhondo Arabica Specialty

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Gakenke District, Muhondo Sector, Musenyi Cell (Northern Region)


Muhondo President: HABYARIMANA Jean Nepomuscene

Phone: +250788857986


General Manager: KARANGWA Wellars

Phone: +250788820204


Green Coffee

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