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Limu Gr2

Dedessa Agro

Dedessa Coffee Farm is located on the river Dedessa in Jimma zone. The farm is RFA/UTZ certified and produces high quality washed and natural Limu already exported to a number of West European buyers.

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1500ha farm of Olympic champion and athletics legend Haile Gebreselassie is located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Sheka zone. Haile Coffee brings a fine selection of traceable, specialty coffees grown on 51 micro-lots with respect and in support of the local communities and the environment. RFA, UTZ, Organic and CERES certified.

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Kayon Mountain

Kayon is located 510 kilometers south of Addis Ababa, and the property crosses the border of two villages—Taro and Sewana—located in the Oromia region, in the Guji zone of the Shakiso district of Ethiopia. It is established in 2012 by farmer Esmail Hassen and is still managed by him and his family. They have 25 permanent workers and 300 seasonal. The farm has own washing station, huller, pulpier, warehouse and transport.

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Cafe de Gisagara Ltd

Café de Gisagara is run by Good Neighbors, an NGO from Korea. The project began in 2014. Before the project began there was little attention given to coffee quality and little infrastructure existed.

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Zahra Food Industries Ltd.

Zahra Food Industries Ltd is a premier, ISO Food Safety Management System (22000:2018) agro-processor based in Uganda, offering a wide range of premium quality commodity and value added products including dried and fresh fruit, teas, nuts, seeds, vanilla and moringa powder

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Gashikanwa Speciality Coffee (GSCO)

Gashikanwa Speciality Coffee Cooperative was founded in 2011 and works with more than 6000 farmers from Nord Ngozi region producing Natural and Washed Arabica Bourbon coffee with specialty grades (87+). They have 3 CWS (in Gitanga, Kayina, Buyumbi) and 6 collecting centres (Gisha, Remera, Kiremera, Higiro, Runda, Musama).
The cooperative exports to EU, US, and Asia.

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Coffee Business Center (CBC) Burundi

Coffee Business Center (CBC) Burundi was founded in 2007. It operates with 500 farmers and offers services for other producers from all regions in Burundi with an annual output of 400 MT for Arabica AA, AB coffee grades.

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Matsitsi Trading Coffee (Matraco)

Matsitsi Trading Coffee (Matraco) was founded in 2016. They operate with more than 1800 farmers from Kayanza region to produce best quality Arabica coffees under priviledged conditions at 1600-1800 masl grown from rich red soils which gives Kayanza coffees its well known sweet, citrusy, raisin and berries distinctive aromas. In 2018 a Bourbon from Businde CWS in Gahombo won the CoE cup in Burundi with a score of 87.46.
They process natural, washed and honey and they can supply 220 MT of green coffee.
Matraco has a vision for the development of rural communities with a win-win approach working together with its farmers in preservation of the environment, to obtain the best quality coffees and promoting the fair trade.

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Coopérative Duharanire Ikawa

Duharanire Ikawa is a cooperative founded in 2015, with 7 years experience in coffee industry. Our plantations are located close to the forest, from Mu Mirwa hill, what gives our coffee very special notes. We produce Arabica/Bourbon +15 AA coffees with an annual capacity of 600 MT.

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