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Vikela Kenya

Vikela Kenya Investment Ltd is a private company founded in 2018. The members of the group make monthly contributions and and pool together their savings which are then channeled towards investment opportunities such as purchasing land, setting up greenhouses, irrigation systems and agricultural value addition projects. In 2018 we ventured into coffee farming in Mt Elgon region of Bungoma County. We partnered with 40 smallholders and were able to secure small loans from micro-finance institutions. By 2020 the group has increased to 65 smallholder farmers.

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Faits clés

Produits: Café Vert
Varieté: Arabica SL-28, Ruiru 11, Batian
Graduation: Micro-lot AA
Capacité de Production: 3-5 Containers
Période de Récolte May – July, September – December

Responsabilité Sociale d'Entreprise (RSE)

We deploy organic farming techniques.

We collaborate with county government to boost production and improve varieties.

Seeking strategic partnerships with Coops to improve marketing

Developing pilot programmes for better irrigation systems to improve yields

Cherry prices vary from 0.57$- 0.92$

À propos de nous

Date de fondation: 2018
Nombre d'employés: 65 members
Production annuelle: 3-5 Containers
Certification: In Progress

Ce que nous faisons

Produits: Café vert Arabica
Installations: Mayekwe and Chesikaki CWS in Bungoma County
Capacité: 3-5 Containers

Café vert Arabica
AA Micro-lots

SL-28, Ruiru 11, Batian



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Muthihi Rd Plot 209/9

P.O Box 61400-00200

Nairobi, Kenya

Personne de contact

Joseph Lukorito

Telephone: +254724013863

Café Vert