Green Mountain Arabica Coffee Ltd

Green Mountain Arabica Coffee Ltd is a company farmer processor and exporter of green coffee established in 2012. It owns a coffee washing station in the Eastern province, Rwamagana District, Karange Sector. It processes coffees of their own plantation (above 2,000 coffee plants) and purchases coffee from 1200 farmers partners. GMAC has a mission to promote the production and processing of specialty coffee in the Karenge Sector/Rwamagana District in the Eastern part of Rwanda.


COOCAMU is a cooperative that works with more than 1303 farmers in the province of Rutsiro in the Western Region in Rwanda. At an altitude ranging between 1400-1900 masl, produces Arabica of the Bourbon, Jackson 2 and BM 139 varieties fully or semi washed, Fairtrade and RFA certified and with an annual capacity of 269 MT. Offers different qualities, from A1, A2 and commercial quality. Notes with floral, stone fruits and raspberry with long lasting finish.

Cooperative Tuzamurane

Tuzamurane Cooperative started back in 2006 with 87 members and become registered cooperative in 2009 under RCA. It operates 3 sectors: Nyakabuye, Gitambi and Nkungu, all related in Rusizi District in the Western Province.
Tuzamurane´s coffee taste flavors are honey, sweet finish, brown sugar and dense chocolate.

Mubuga Coffee Ltd

In the hills of the Western Province of Rwanda, Mubuga coffee Ltd grows coffee on a vast land at an altitude of 1,788 masl. This company that was established in 2015 has a mission of achieving high quality and quantity of coffee and a clear vision of becoming a center of excellence at the local and international markets. Started with only two workers and an annual capacity of 30 MT, today they handle a capacity of 1000 MT. Abimana Mathias, his founder and general Manager is also very proud of its three certificates, Organic, Fairtrade, Rain Forest Alliance.


Gihanga Coffee Company is a private company registered in Rwanda Development Board (RDB). “Gihanga” is a Rwandan cultural hero described in oral histories as an ancient king popularly credited with establishing the ancient Kingdom of Rwanda. He is described as possessing talents in leadership, technology and religion. It is said he ruled Rwanda from his palace in the forest of Buhanga. So we dedicated our coffee to Gihanga.
The objective of Gihanga Coffee Co. is to build equitable and sustainable value chains by being the leading company to scale up the coffee culture both in quality and taste and with singular accent upon women in all activities. This may be done with professionalism, dignity, technology, innovation; all aiming the company development and good service delivery.

Muhondo Coffee Company

Muhondo Coffee Company est une société privée créée en 2013, basée dans la province du nord du district de Gakenke. Muhondo travaille avec 2 394 agriculteurs (25% de femmes), avec 30 000 arbres et exploite 3 stations de lavage de café : Muhondo CWS, Bukonya CWS (à Gakenke) et Bwisige CWS (à Gicumbi).
Des précipitations abondantes et un sol volcanique fertile sont l'incubateur parfait pour les riches saveurs du café de spécialité de Muhondo. Avec une croissance lente à des altitudes aussi élevées, nos cerises se développent lentement, produisant des profils mûrs et bien équilibrés. Des saveurs sucrées, d'agrumes et de caramel peuvent être détectées dans notre infusion exquise.
Nous avons une capacité annuelle de 1000 MT de cerise.
En 2014, Muhondo a remporté le prix présidentiel et en 2015, nous avons été classés 3e aux prix du CdE pour avoir eu un impact sur la communauté locale grâce à l'emploi des femmes et des jeunes.

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