Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

As part of our sustainable best practice method in order to ensure quality we pay premium to the small holder farmers we partner with, a premium based on overall cup quality. Coffees scoring 88+ earn a premium for their producers which we funnel to them.


Alumashu General Trading Plc

Teltelcha Agro Industry PLC is involved in sourcing and producing specialty (high-quality) coffee while its marketing partner Alumashu General Trading  PLC is an export oriented company focused on both, locally procuring and processing Ethiopian produced (parchment) coffee sourced discerningly and exported to multiple clients around the world.
Established as a Private Limited Company in 2016 and having started operation the same year in order to create a traceable coffee export market-link chain with a legal frame-work, both Teltelcha and Alumashu have entered into a legally binding MOU agreement creating synergy and allowing for a vertically integrated Production-Export operation.


Supplier Exporter

Farm Details

Adado, Yirgacheffe - SNNPR and Gelana Abaya, Oromia
Founding Year
Farm Land
Number of Farmers
Annual Production Capacity (MT)
4090 MT

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