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Gihanga Coffee Company is a private company registered in Rwanda Development Board (RDB). "Gihanga" is a Rwandan cultural hero described in oral histories as an ancient king popularly credited with establishing the ancient Kingdom of Rwanda. He is described as possessing talents in leadership, technology and religion. It is said he ruled Rwanda from his palace in the forest of Buhanga. So we dedicated our coffee to Gihanga. The objective of Gihanga Coffee Co. is to build equitable and sustainable value chains by being the leading company to scale up the coffee culture both in quality and taste and with singular accent upon women in all activities. This may be done with professionalism, dignity, technology, innovation; all aiming the company development and good service delivery.

Producido en Africa

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Principales datos

Productos: Café Verde
Variedad: Arabica Bourbon
Grado(s): 1 and 2 (Specialty 84+))
Capacidad de producción: 5000 MT
Período de Cosecha April-July

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (CSR)

We ensure safety and health of our employees through better environmental conditions at work place and treat them as our greatest source of strength. Their vitality, motivation level, commitment to job, professional skills and expertise will always play a significant role in our success. We would continue to take care of our people and respect their dignity and would endeavor to improve the prevailing positive culture that encourages and appreciates teamwork and individuals ingenuity. This environment provide continuous learning opportunities for the employees to grow and to work for the ultimate benefit of the organization  

Sobre Nosotros

Fecha Constitución: 2020
Número de Empleados: 4000 farmers
Producción Anual: 5000 MT
Certificación: Organic (RFA in process)

Qué hacemos

Productos: Arabica Bourbon, BM 139
Instalaciones: Wet Mill
Capacidad: Añadir capacidad

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KG 177 Street remera, Gasabo, Kigali, Rwanda

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Telephone: +250 788 761 196


Café Verde