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Coopérative Agricole Tujenge du Kivu

The Cooperative Agricole Tujenge du Kivu was created 9th September 2018 in Bishange, with the mission of promoting the socio-economic development of coffee growers and the improvement of farmers' living conditions through coffee cultivation. In 2021, the cooperative has produced a quantity ranging from 15 tons of coffee beans, 12750 on Parchment A and 1700 Kgs of Parchment B.

Producido en Africa

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Principales datos

Productos: Café arábica
Variedad: Arabica from the Bishange- Masisi region
Grado(s): A, B, and C
Capacidad de producción: 1 container
Período de Cosecha February-July (long season) and October-December (short season)

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (CSR)

In the context of sustainability we carry out a separation between wastewater and pulp. We create compost from the pulp with lime and tithonia. In management, the cooperative has a transparent management policy at all levels of the organisation, the information is accessible by all members at all times. The cooperative has a team of agronomists who supervise coffee farmers on good agricultural practices on coffee cultivation and provide advice for better production. Our marketing plan consists of sending samples to different buyers to see if they will be interested with the coffee we produce.

Sobre Nosotros

Fecha Constitución: 9 September 2018
Número de Empleados: 1500
Producción Anual: 1 container
Certificación: Not yet

Qué hacemos

Productos: Arabica Coffee from Bishange region of Kivu
Instalaciones: Wet Mill Ndurumo and Dry Mill Jambo Safari 
Capacidad: 1 container

Coopérative Agricole Tujenge Kivu offers Arabica Coffee

The varieties from the Bishange - Masisi region

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Masisi, Bweremana, M/shanga, Bishange, Goma, Nord Kivu, Republique Démocratique du Congo

Persona de Contacto

Pandasi Shombirwe Patrick

+243 973750606, +243 971042443 


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