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Coopérative Agricole OLAME

The OLAME Agricultural Cooperative is a partner of the SVC project. Together we work to implement good practices of environmental responsibility, economic transparency, agricultural production and management, social and ethical responsibility, and health and safety at work. With the formation of the GALS of the SVC we support the Village Savings and Credit Associations in each village where our members are located known with the acronym "AVEC". We train our members on good agricultural practices, on agro ecology and we pay the rebate to our members after sale.

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Principales datos

Productos: Café arábica
Variedad: Kabare 16, Chizungu Mulungu and Kauai
Grado(s): A and B
Capacidad de producción: 2 contenedores
Período de Cosecha Marzo - Julio

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (CSR)

The OLAME agricultural cooperative guides its members to implement best practices in cherry picking, centralising production, and processing coffee according to market standards. It is important for the cooperative to assist women and youth to lift them out of poverty and promote education. We do this through our motto “live thanks to our coffee and for our coffee”.

Sobre Nosotros

Fecha Constitución: 20 November 2019
Número de Empleados: añadir número de empleados
Producción Anual: 2 contenedores
Certificación: En proceso de obtención de certificación orgánica

Qué hacemos

Productos: Kabare 16, Chizungu Mulungu and Kauai
Capacidad: 2 contenedores

Café arábica

Kabare 16, Chizungu Mulungu and Kauai, Grades A and B

South Kivu

"Live thanks to our coffee and for our coffee"

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Bukumbi Village, Bunyakiri Group, Rubenga Chiefdom, Idjwi Territory, Bukavu, South Kivu, DR Congo

Persona de Contacto

Ghislain Mupenzi Kamondo 



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