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Matsitsi Trading Coffee (Matraco)

Matsitsi Trading Coffee (Matraco) was founded in 2016. They operate with more than 1800 farmers from Kayanza region to produce best quality Arabica coffees under priviledged conditions at 1600-1800 masl grown from rich red soils which gives Kayanza coffees its well known sweet, citrusy, raisin and berries distinctive aromas. In 2018 a Bourbon from Businde CWS in Gahombo won the CoE cup in Burundi with a score of 87.46. They process natural, washed and honey and they can supply 220 MT of green coffee. Matraco has a vision for the development of rural communities with a win-win approach working together with its farmers in preservation of the environment, to obtain the best quality coffees and promoting the fair trade.

Producido en Africa

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Principales datos

Productos: Café Verde
Variedad: Arabica Bourbon
Grado(s): FW 15+, Natural
Capacidad de producción: 220 Tons
Período de Cosecha Marzo - Julio

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (CSR)

Matraco works for the development of rural communities with a win-win approach. Environment preservation, promoting quality excellence and fairtrade are their values.

 In Matraco we strive for: i) providing full traceability, ii) stop the use of child labor in coffee industry in Burundi, iii) promote inclusion for the indigenous Batwa people iv) support our farmers to increase capacity and production v) setup certification system for our producers and CWS

Sobre Nosotros

Fecha Constitución: 2016
Número de Empleados: 1800farmers
Producción Anual: 220 tons
Certificación: n.a.

Qué hacemos

Productos: Natural and Washed
Instalaciones: Mackinon, Panialves
Capacidad: 220MT

Specialty Arabica Bourbon Natural & Washed

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