How Almacena Works?

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Who are we?

A free – access market place that serves to connectgreen coffee buyers and producers.

The largest and wider online community of Africa Priducers and African coffee refernces

How It Works? Is Very Simple


Search and Select your preferred references based on a wide variety of criteria like Stock location, Origin / region, Price, Quality, Cupping Notes, etc


Check what out Quality Experts say, See our profile or ask for free samples to check if it fits your own cup profile. Don’t miss our cupping webinars where we regularly introduce our different coffees.


Check Stock Availability:

  • Is stock available? Place your order and we will deliver your coffees / semples right away to you.
  • No stock showing? Don’t worry. Send a direct request and the producer will confirm you availability and price. If it matches your interests you can pre-order your ciffees / samples and we will include them in our next shipment.


Any questions? Are you an African Producer and want to list your coffees? Contact us at