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Guji Highland Coffee Plantation

Guji HIghland Coffee Plantation Plc was established in 2012 and works with more than 700 farmers in the Oromia region. They produce arabica coffees of botanical varieties 74110 and 74112. Coffees are Organic, FRA, Bird Friendly, Café Practice and Fairtrade certified. They offer naturally, washed, honey, and anaerobic processed coffees packaged in 30/60 kg jute bags. They offer Grade 1 to 3 qualities. Total annual production of 10,000 MT.

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Wichtige Fakten

Produkte: Grüner Kaffee
Vielfalt: Arabica 74110 & 74112
Note: Grade 1-3
Lieferkapazität: 10,000 MT
Erntezeit Oktober - Januar

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe that the key to sustainability is to nurturing and conserving our environment. In the past, we have invested planting trees, as well as new heirloom coffee varietals to increase the productivity of our coffee farm, as well as benefit the involvement of more trained young management leaders within our company.

Much of our coffee farm is covered with indigenous and common shade trees surrounded in the highlands of Guji. We have also built a lodge within the coffee farm to allow our coffee buyers, as well as visitors, spend a great joy and beauty of our farm.

Social Activities: road constructions, school buildings, pure water,…

Über uns

Gründungstag: 2012
Anzahl der Angestellten: >700
Jährliche Produktion: 10,000 MT
Zertifizierung: Organic, RFA, FairTrade, Café Practice, Bird Friendly

Was wir tun

Produkte: Arabica Natural, washed, honey, anaerobic
Einrichtungen: Dambi Udo-B, Girja, Taro (Xaro), Allona and Beda Kesa Washing Stations
Kapazität: 10,000 MT

Arabica Grade 1-3
Natural, Washed, Honey, Anaerobic

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Wodesa Yachisi (CEO)

Tel: +251943100644

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