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Dugda Agro Industry

Dugda Agro Industry is an export company that was founded in 2020 with the objective to process and export natural and washed processed arabica coffees (Typica and Bourbon, 11100, 11174) from the zones of Sidama, Lekempti, Djimma with grades 3 to 5. Annual capacity of 960 MT and working with more than 1000 farmers from the mentioned coffee areas.

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Produkte: Grüner Kaffee
Vielfalt: Arabica Typica & Bourbon (11100, 11174)
Note: Grade 3 to 5
Lieferkapazität: 960 MT
Erntezeit Sept-Jan

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Gründungstag: 2020
Anzahl der Angestellten: 1000+ farmers
Jährliche Produktion: 960 MT
Zertifizierung: N.A

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Produkte: Arabica Natural Gr 3-5
Kapazität: 960 MT

Arabica Natural
Sidama, Lekempti, Djimma
Gr 3 to 5

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