A better trade


Unlocking efficiency and minimizing risk with our powerful trading desk. Seamlessly manage contracts and gain access to verifiable data at every step of the coffee supply chain, empowering you with unprecedented control and transparency

Say goodbye to the complexities and costs associated with traditional coffee trading

Our platform simplifies the process and provides verifiable sourcing data and content into a single, user-friendly hub. In addition our on the ground support and world class partners you can now actively monitor your contracts and coffee.


With Almacena you can verify production and payment information at smallholder level. 

Watch the coffee movement from cherry collection to container shipping with real-time data. Making it easy for all parties to track progress of the coffee and contract.

Pilot Program Schedule

  • PHASE1


    Starting by defining requirements of all the pilot stakeholders like traders, traceability, suppliers.

    Then we can establish a data governance plan and integration requirements

  • PHASE2

    Development & training

    As the system is stood up we can on board people, upload data, and integrate key systems.

    Training is a key component of the pilot to ensure everyone is able to easily use the platform.

  • PHASE3

    Implement & launch

    Going-live with the selected producers and coffee operators will then generate production and supply chain data.

    Ultimately allowing the generation of custom dashboards for traders of full trade visibility and end-to-end traceability

Data & Content Examples

  • Our digital traceability tools are not only efficient but also highly secure. These tools provide independent and verified supply chain data, ensuring transparency and reliability throughout the process.

  • Click in the image to read the Traceability Report we have prepared and witness the transformative power of collaboration with SOPACDI, located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

  • By using polygons and geolocations, Almacena's platform enhances traceability in the coffee industry. It enables us to precisely identify the origin of coffee beans while the technology aids in the fight against deforestation by monitoring and safeguarding the areas where coffee is grown, promoting sustainable practices.

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