Matsitsi Trading Coffee (Matraco)

Matsitsi Trading Coffee (Matraco) was founded in 2016. They operate with more than 1800 farmers from Kayanza region to produce best quality Arabica coffees under priviledged conditions at 1600-1800 masl grown from rich red soils which gives Kayanza coffees its well known sweet, citrusy, raisin and berries distinctive aromas. In 2018 a Bourbon from Businde CWS in Gahombo won the CoE cup in Burundi with a score of 87.46.
They process natural, washed and honey and they can supply 220 MT of green coffee.
Matraco has a vision for the development of rural communities with a win-win approach working together with its farmers in preservation of the environment, to obtain the best quality coffees and promoting the fair trade.

Gashikanwa Speciality Coffee (GSCO)

Gashikanwa Speciality Coffee Cooperative was founded in 2011 and works with more than 6000 farmers from Nord Ngozi region producing Natural and Washed Arabica Bourbon coffee with specialty grades (87+). They have 3 CWS (in Gitanga, Kayina, Buyumbi) and 6 collecting centres (Gisha, Remera, Kiremera, Higiro, Runda, Musama).
The cooperative exports to EU, US, and Asia.

Coopérative Duharanire Ikawa

Duharanire Ikawa is a cooperative founded in 2015, with 7 years experience in coffee industry. Our plantations are located close to the forest, from Mu Mirwa hill, what gives our coffee very special notes. We produce Arabica/Bourbon +15 AA coffees with an annual capacity of 600 MT.

Kayokwe Coffee Solutions

Kayokwe Coffee solutions have been cultivating arabica coffee since 2012 located in Kibumbu at 1800masl in west-central Burundi. KCS works with more than 2100 farmers and has a capacity of 90 tonnes of arabica coffee which ranks amongst the best in Burundi. ⁠
Kibumbu is known to have a temperate microclimate, located close to the river Kayokwe. Surrounded by beautiful wildlife. ⁠

Intl Women Coffee Alliance Burundi

Intl Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA) is operating in Burundi since 2011 with more than 2000 farmers. Producing more than 2000 MT of coffee cherries annually from Arabica Bourbon variety at more than 1700 masl. They focus on the production of high quality specialty coffee 85-89+ scores.

SECASB Burundi

Winner of Burundi COE and holder of the world price record for green coffee in 2014, SECASB is the owner of Mpanga Coffee Washing Station in Kayanza province. We bring a wide range of Arabica coffees from the Bourbon Rouge variety that grows on the volcano soils of the Kibira Forest

Cabou Coffee

CABOU COFFEE wurde 2016 durch eine Partnerschaft mit der Waschstation MUNKAZE im Norden Burundis in der Provinz Kayanza auf 1.800 Metern Höhe gestartet. Wir arbeiten mit zwei Genossenschaften zusammen: NZOBIYAGA („Ich werde darüber sprechen“) und TWRANYUZWE („Wir sind überzeugt“). Jeder Landwirt hat eine Datei beim CWS, damit wir den gelieferten Kaffee nachverfolgen können. Es sind rund 350 Kleinbauern beteiligt.