Karangura Peak Modern Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd

Kapcco (Karangura Peak Modern Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd), produces Arabica coffee from Mt Rwenzori region, at an altitude of 1900-2000 masl. They can produce 4 containers of AA/AB grades with Fairtrade certification, which are selectively hand-picked, carefully processed under a traceable strategy which makes them unique. This cooperative works with 705 farmers.

Ideal Commodities Ltd

Ideal Commodities Ltd works with more than 1200 farmers in the Central region of Uganda. We process natural Robusta coffee with FT/FTO certification using dry processing method. They can produce a yearly capacity of 2500 MT.

Coffee World Ltd

Coffee World Ltd was established in 2008 for the processing and exporting of Robusta and Arabica (Bugisu, Mbale region) coffees from Uganda.
Arabica coffee is grown on an altitude between 1800 – 2100 metres above sea level and it is normally grown by co-operative farmers especially in Mbale and Kapchorwa districts in Uganda.
Our mission is to raise awareness and funds for women in coffee. We also do this through sensitization and provision of funds through Crop Advance. This enables the elimination of middle men and encourages fair trade.

Bugisu Cooperative Union

Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) was established in 1954. It serves 1200 farmers from Mbale region in the production, processing and exporting of Bugisu Washed AA, AB and PB coffees. BCU has a yearly production capacity of 2500 MT.

Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association

From Mt. Elgon, representing 711 Fairtrade and 400+ organic certified farmers, Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association is able to supply Ugandan Natural and Washed Arabica of highest quality, produced with nature in mind and in support of the local communities. The farmers also produce bananas and Fairtrade certified vanilla

Salama Coffee Estates Ltd

Based on 400ha of land located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Salama is a producer of specialty (washed) Robusta and natural Robusta scr 18, 15 and 12.
The company is also running a tea operation and employs over 1000 farmers who are offered various services and support including on-site medical clinic and infant school.

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