Alumashu General Trading Plc

TELTELCHA AGRO INDUSTRY PLC is involved in sourcing and producing specialty (high-quality) coffee while its marketing partner ALUMASHU GENERAL TRADING PLC is an export oriented company focused on both, locally procuring and processing Ethiopian produced (parchment) coffee sourced discerningly and exported to multiple clients around the world.
Established as a Private Limited Company (LTD.) in 2016 and having started operation the same year in order to create a traceable coffee export market-link chain with a legal frame-work, both Teltelcha and Alumashu have entered into a legally binding MOU agreement creating synergy and allowing for a vertically integrated Production-Export operation.
As part of our sustainable best practice method in order to ensure quality we pay premium to the small holder farmers we partner with, a premium based on overall cup quality. Coffees scoring 88+ earn a premium for their producers which we funnel to them.

Heleph Coffee Export

Heleph produces and exports top quality Arabica Grade 1-4 coffees from different woredas/kebeles/CWS of five main Ethiopian regions: Sidama (Bona Zuria, Aleta Wendo, Dale, Bensa, Harbegonna), Yirgacheffe (Danche Chelbesa, Banko Dadatu, Kochere, Chelelektu, Halo Beriti, Banko Gotiti), Kaffa (Bonga, Anderacha, Dencha, Gimbu), Limmu (Gera, Kosa, Kersa) and Guji (Adola, Hambale, Dame Dabaye, Hambala Buku, Raro Boda, Suke Quto, Layo Teraga, Ana Sora, Yabito Koba, Masina, Shakisso).

Ovid Trading House

Recognizing the unparalleled quality of newly known Anderacha site, and also the deep natural heritage along with the diverse and rich culture of the community; Mr. Yonas Taddesse, founder of Ovid Group and Subsidiary companies, decided to expand its foot print looking for a great coffee and making radical impact in the sector. This unique site is at the highest mountain peak of Anderacha area (above 2000 masl). Further, most of the coffees are harvested from a wild forest plantation known as Mother Trees, which are grown under the shade of many local indigenous trees which produce ethnic stable foods.

Nura Abakoyas Coffee Plantation

Nura Abakoyas Coffee plantation is a family-owned coffee farm committed to producing high-land grown specialty coffee from Ethiopia. The plantation has officially launched a campaign of planting coffee on 35 hectares of land in 2020 and is now in its productive age. It is located in Djimma Zone, AGARO woreda in Oromia Regional State. Mr Nura, the owner of the established, is looking forward to fostering connections with whom ever is interested in getting to know what they offer, “We are passionate of what we do and would like to share it with you as well”.

Buno General Trading Plc

The founder and life long coffee advocate of Buno General Trading Plc, Mr Abiyot Boru was born in Bule Hora Wereda of West Guji Zone, in a particular town called Gerba, in Ethiopia. His parents were farmers where coffee was one of the traditional agricultural products in the area. He started participating in coffee production practices by cultivating, weeding, watering nursery beds, and harvesting during his early childhood. Abiyot started coffee business by purchasing red-ripe and dry coffee cherries from local farmers and selling them to the nearby wet and dry coffee processing stations. His passion for the coffee business grew ever since, and this has earned him great recognition as a second outstanding national seller to the ECX market.

In February 2018, Buno General Trading PLC stood in 4th in the Ethiopian National Test of Harvest (TOH) Competition.

Pelican General Trading

Pelican General Trading partners with smallholder farmers to export coffee directly to world markets. We ensure that farmers participant in the economic upside gained from producing good quality coffee beans. We work alongside coffee farmers to achieve the required certification and ensure traceability. We source coffee from different regions in Ethiopia including Yirgacheffee, Guji, Limmu Lekemti, Harar, Sidamo, and Djimma coffee.

Semshan Coffee Development Plc

Semshan coffee development plc was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2014 by the General Manager Mr. Semere Kassahun. We export washed and unwashed (sun dried) organic Arabica coffee Beans. We have different grades depending on the request of our customer. In order to market and supply coffee with the finest and freshest flavors to the international market, we rely on high tech equipment required for the benefit, selection, and classification of our product, which guarantees international export standards are fulfilled. Our best seller is Mizan teppi, Sheko coffee. Sheko is one of the woredas in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region of Ethiopia (SNNPR). Looking forward to connecting with you.

Leul Kelem Coffee and Spices Development

The farm has so far managed to cover more than 50% of the estate with coffee plantation and just started honey farming practices and aims to develop other products in the near future. Our farm is located in Masha Sheka SNNPR, Ethiopia, where we cultivate organic, Arabica specialty coffee.

We feel like words, facts and figures will not be able to fully describe and translate the pure notions of our farm. We invite you to witness it with your own eyes and have your own personal connection with our coffee. Looking forward to building long lasting relations, based on transparency and quality.

Mintu Group

Mintu Group currently works with more than 400 farmers and by next year this number will increase to 1000. Located in Djimma, Ethiopia, Mintu provides grade 1 speciality coffee, both natural and washed.
They also work towards sustainable productivity
and they achieve this by offering their farmers basic training in agronomy and organic farming together with experts and professionals. Mintu group strives to support and sustain its community and does so by building schools for the community as well as Mosques within the area.

Tariku Kare Banata Coffee Supplier and Exporter

The founder of Tariku Kare Banata Coffee Export – Mr. Tariku Kare Banata – is known for his hard working and result-driven behavior. He used to work in different coffee washing and milling stations as a daily laborer and had a chance to grow in his position and become a chief quality control expert. After working for a decade as an expert, he founded his own washing station in 2013 in West Arsi, Nensabo district, Bulga village (Oromia Regional state) and started supplying high quality coffee for the Ethiopian market. Five years later, he founded his second washing station at Bombe village in Sidama Zonal administration. Now he is thriving in the coffee export business and is a proud owner of his own washing stations. Mr. Tariku is excited to introduce his version of premium quality coffee to the global market.

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