Kivu Smile

Kivu Smile is a company founded by young entrepreneurs with the aim to produce the best coffees in the world, work to promote youth inclusion and financial independence. We produce Arabica coffees from South Kivu of the Bourbon, Blue Mountain and Jackson varieties. We work with 800 farmers and produce 4 containers of grade A and B annually.

Mon Café

Mon Café was established in 2019. We produce coffee (both Arabica and Robusta) and Cocoa. We work with 3 cooperatives from Kalehe (Kivu region) and more than 1000 farmers. We have an annual capacity of 10 containers (4 arabica, 4 robusta, 2 cocoa). We produce all qualities and screens.


Solidarité pour la Promotion des Actions Café et le Développement Intégrale (SOPACDI) was founded in 2003 with the objective of promoting a sustainable coffee chain for Congolese farmers in the Kivu Region. SOPACDI works with more than 12100 farmers in Kivu region and produces more than 600 MT of Arabica Bourbon 15+ from altitudes ranging 1500-2000 masl and rich volcanic soils.

Buzi Kawaha Bora (BuKaBo)

BuKaBo is a Cooperative founded in May 2019, that produces arabica Blue Mountain coffee in the territory of Kalehe at an average altitude of 1650masl in South Kivu. BuKaBo has 130 member farmers and they produce 5 MT of parchement annually for coffees graded A, B and C.

Ruhunde Jeunes Caféiculteurs

Ruhunde Jeunes Caféiculteurs (RUJCAF) works with 3700 farmers from Kivu region, producing Arabica Bourbon coffee grade A and B. RUJCAF provides both technical support (through SVC) and financial (through micro-finance institutions). They also work together with the organization AVEC for supporting women and young integration in the communities.

Coopérative Agricole du Kivu (COOPAK)

Coopérative Agricole du Kivu (COOPAK) was established in 2010. It serves more than 2500 farmers from Kabare region in South Kivu. We produce Arabica coffees in different screen sizes and grades A and B. We train farmers to improve their yields and quality of their cherries. Currently we have a yearly production of 100 MT.

Coopérative Agricole Umoja

Coopérative Agricole Umoja (COOAU), was established in 2015 with 350 farmers. Today, we are 4000 (1500 men and 2500 women), and 1700 more are willing to be part of our cooperative. We work a land of 2500 ha and we are working to expand it in 1200 additional ha. Currently we produce 250 MT of Robusta and Arabica coffees in an average altitude of 700-1000 masl with screen sizes ranging from 13, 15 and 17 and different grades (ABCD).