Gihanga Coffee Company is a private company registered in Rwanda Development Board (RDB). “Gihanga” is a Rwandan cultural hero described in oral histories as an ancient king popularly credited with establishing the ancient Kingdom of Rwanda. He is described as possessing talents in leadership, technology and religion. It is said he ruled Rwanda from his palace in the forest of Buhanga. So we dedicated our coffee to Gihanga.
The objective of Gihanga Coffee Co. is to build equitable and sustainable value chains by being the leading company to scale up the coffee culture both in quality and taste and with singular accent upon women in all activities. This may be done with professionalism, dignity, technology, innovation; all aiming the company development and good service delivery.

Ruhunde Jeunes Caféiculteurs

Ruhunde Jeunes Caféiculteurs (RUJCAF) works with 3700 farmers from Kivu region, producing Arabica Bourbon coffee grade A and B. RUJCAF provides both technical support (through SVC) and financial (through micro-finance institutions). They also work together with the organization AVEC for supporting women and young integration in the communities.

Ovid Trading House

Recognizing the unparalleled quality of newly known Anderacha site, and also the deep natural heritage along with the diverse and rich culture of the community; Mr. Yonas Taddesse, founder of Ovid Group and Subsidiary companies, decided to expand its foot print looking for a great coffee and making radical impact in the sector. This unique site is at the highest mountain peak of Anderacha area (above 2000 masl). Further, most of the coffees are harvested from a wild forest plantation known as Mother Trees, which are grown under the shade of many local indigenous trees which produce ethnic stable foods.

Kagera Cooperative Union

Kagera Cooperative Union is a voluntary union of a 139 primary cooperative societies in the districts of Bukova, Muleba and Misenye in Kagera region, north west Tanzania covering more than 15,000 sq Kms. More than 68,000 farmers are part of the cooperative through primary societies. Robusta variety is produced using dry processing techniques with an anual production of 7,000 MT.

Muhondo Coffee Company

Muhondo Coffee Company is a private company established in 2013, based in northern province in Gakenke district. Muhondo works with 2,394 farmers (25% women), with 30,000 trees and operates 3 Coffee washing stations: Muhondo CWS, Bukonya CWS (in Gakenke) and Bwisige CWS (in Gicumbi).
Abundant rainfall and fertile, volcanic soil is the perfect incubator for the rich flavors of Muhondo´s specialty coffee. With slow growth at such high altitudes, our cherries develop slowly, producing mature and well-balanced profiles. Sweet, citrus, caramel flavours can be detected in our exquisite brew.
We have an anual capacity of 1000 MT of cherry.
In 2014 Muhondo won the Presidential Award and in 2015 we were placed 3rd in the CoE awards for impacting the local community through women and youth employment.

Coopérative Agricole du Kivu (COOPAK)

Coopérative Agricole du Kivu (COOPAK) was established in 2010. It serves more than 2500 farmers from Kabare region in South Kivu. We produce Arabica coffees in different screen sizes and grades A and B. We train farmers to improve their yields and quality of their cherries. Currently we have a yearly production of 100 MT.

Coopérative Agricole Umoja

Coopérative Agricole Umoja (COOAU), was established in 2015 with 350 farmers. Today, we are 4000 (1500 men and 2500 women), and 1700 more are willing to be part of our cooperative. We work a land of 2500 ha and we are working to expand it in 1200 additional ha. Currently we produce 250 MT of Robusta and Arabica coffees in an average altitude of 700-1000 masl with screen sizes ranging from 13, 15 and 17 and different grades (ABCD).

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