Traceability is not the goal but the means

Good coffee starts with good farming.

It is a daunting task to constantly produce high quality coffee as a grower. You start with the seedlings. Taking care of the plants as your most precious asset – is the soil right, are they protected from sun, do they get enough moisture and food, etc. You wait for years for the seedlings to grow into fruit bearing trees. And even when you have good cherries, there is no assurance you get them to high quality green beans. How you sort the coffee, how you dry it, how you process, clean, sort, package and transport all matter.

It is hard work. It rarely pays the efforts if you are an African grower and yet millions of smallholders depend on it to cover cash expenses like school fees or health insurance. At the end, more often than not your coffee ends up as a commodity. You name and story are gone, the farmers who contributed their cherries to the lot are unknown, you remain an anonymous producer with no idea where you coffee went.

Almacena Platform supports growers overcome the structural barriers and knowledge gaps in existing supply chains and become visible to end buyers. We want hard work and dedication to be recognized and the producers be known and rewarded for bringing quality coffee on the market and taking care of their communities. Here is a glimpse of what buyers on Almacena receive as information on the coffee via our NFC tags and also on QR codes. We also track the community impact and make sure we reward and encourage sustainable and impactful producers with extra incentives and benefits.

Every coffee has a story and you can be part of it.